[How to make bayberry soup]_ bayberry soup _ how to make _ practice Daquan

[How to make bayberry soup]_ bayberry soup _ how to make _ practice Daquan

By this time of June, it is the season for bayberry production, so a lot of bayberry will appear on the market.

In addition to eating bayberry directly, it is also very good for making bayberry soup. It feels sour and sweet, and it can also relieve heat and appetite in hot weather.

Raw material formula: fresh bayberry 500 grams, sugar 300 grams, manufacturing method 1

Pick up fresh bayberry (if not fresh bayberry, can also be canned bayberry), remove the sundries, gently wash with water (to prevent breaking fruit, loss of juice); add a clean pot and pickle with sugar.Cook, stir as you cook (time should not be too long, otherwise the color will become dark), cook soup 3?
Leave the fire for 5 minutes, replace the inside of clean and sterilized glass bottles, seal, cool, and freeze in the refrigerator.


When eating, remove bayberry 5?
6, add to the glass, and then pour some bayberry juice, add an appropriate amount of ice cubes or ice water is called (the amount of ice water is 3?
4 times, that is, 500 grams of bayberry juice, add ice water 1 500?
2 000 grams).

Production method two 1.

Bayberry is soaked in salt water for 10 minutes. Because bayberry has no peel and is particularly sweet, fruit flies are easy to lay eggs on it, and then larvae will slowly hatch. Therefore, buy bayberry and try not to put it in the refrigerator.Freeze the worms, and the dead worms won’t bubble up even in the salt water.

This kind of bug is harmless to the human body.


Bayberry with sugar, marinated and add water 1 500?
2,000 grams, boil over low heat, remove from heat, put into a dissolver, cool, and freeze in the refrigerator.


Take out when eating and pour into glass.