[How to make assorted tempura]_Homely practice of assorted tempura_How to make assorted tempura_How to make assorted tempura

[How to make assorted tempura]_Homely practice of assorted tempura_How to make assorted tempura_How to make assorted tempura

We like to call him “food”. Of course, food is loyal to food. Many foods enjoy food, and of course, they are also very attractive for food production.

Today I will meet the requirements of the foodie and introduce the method of making assorted tempura.


The ingredients come just as you like.

However, what to do with shiitake mushrooms is better than shrimp in my heart.


Half of 12
12 eggplant, cut into pieces as shown in the figure, the upper part is not cut.


2121 eggplant spreads slightly obliquely, as follows.

Cut other vegetables into the shape you want.


Shrimp shelled and tailed, pierced in the second quarter, provoked, and removed the gut line.


Cut off the tail a little and scrape off the moisture inside.


1 In turn, three swords were also slanted on the back.


2 Shrimp easily shrinks excessively during heating. The treatment method is to cut off the tendons.

Shrimp belly cut three times diagonally, as shown.


Use kitchen paper to absorb moisture and set aside.

Before entering the pan, sieve a layer of low-gluten flour and fry the batter. The batter is shown in the figure below.


Batter: 70g low-gluten flour, 20g corn starch / potato starch, 20g sticky rice flour.

0ml of frozen soda, one egg yolk, 1/2 tablespoon vodka.

Also prepare an appropriate amount of ice cubes.

In order to ensure that the crispy tempura batter is ready for use, it cannot be prepared in advance.


Sift powder.

Add 150ml refrigerated soda water, an egg, and stir with chopsticks. Don’t beat it too much. It doesn’t matter if there are some fine, unstuck flour on the surface.


Adding 4 ice cubes helps the temperature to try low.


The oil temperature is raised to 80%. The test method is to use a chopstick to pick a little batter into the pot. If the batter immediately hissed and floated on the oil, the temperature was enough.

Do not fry too much at one time to avoid lowering the oil temperature. Usually the finished product absorbs too much oil and is greasy.

Every time you fry and rot, carefully remove the oil residue to prevent the finished product from getting dark.
If you have amaranth and vegetarian dishes, try frying vegetarian dishes first, then fry amaranth.


Fried tempura is placed on kitchen paper to absorb excess oil.

The radish puree is slightly spicy and very greasy.

Rub the white radish into the mud, add a tablespoon of cooking wine and a tablespoon of kumbu soy sauce.

18 years old

In fact, I prefer mushrooms to shrimp.

The dipping sauce of radish is better than lemon juice.

With the complete steps and methods of assorted tempura, I believe you will be able to master it very quickly.

At that time, you will surely be overwhelmed by your “performance”.