OL, please isolate stress after work

OL, please “isolate” stress after work

10 kinds of adjustment methods, allowing you to adjust from office to home state 1, leave work in the office 尽量 try not to bring work home (even if it is a last resort, work at home can not exceed two nights a week).
  2. Prepare for work in advance Make a list two hours before work to find out which tasks you must complete today and which tasks can be left tomorrow.
This will give you plenty of time to complete the task, and reduce worrying outside of work.
  3. Put a sundry box at the door of the residence. Buy or make a large basket or wooden box and place it at the door of the residence.
Put the briefcase or tool bag in the door immediately after entering the house, and never touch it before going out the next day.
  4. Sit back 进 Before going to dinner, going to the gym to exercise, or picking up a child, spend 3 to 5 minutes closing your eyes and taking a deep breath.
Imagine drawing fresh air into your abdomen and exhaling the exhaust gas completely.
This will clear your head and relieve the stress of work.
  5、将困难写下来  如果在工作当中遇到很大的困难,回家后仍然不可能放松,那么请拿起笔和纸,一口气将所遇到的困难或是不愉快写下来,写完后那The paper was torn off and thrown away.
  6. Create some kind of “ritual”: Create some kind of “ritual” for yourself, and use it as a circle to separate daily work and family life.
这种“仪式”可以是在餐桌上与孩子谈论学校的事情,也可以是喝上一大杯柠檬汁……  7、将家里收拾整洁  一个杂乱无章的家会给你一种失控的感觉,从而放大The stress of the day.
Take 5 minutes to clean up your home before going to bed, and you can return to a neat and elegant home the next day.
  8. Use music to play some favorite music when preparing dinner, paying, billing or doing laundry.
Cheerful and nice music can add a lot of fun to your housework.
  9. Arrange housework reasonably: If you want to finish all the housework overnight, you will naturally feel nervous and anxious.
On the contrary, if you can arrange it properly or leave some housework for the weekend, you can make housework a relaxing means outside of work.
  10、下班路上的享受  如果是驾车下班,可以放自己喜欢的CD或是录音书;如果是坐公车或是地铁,则可以读一章小说……总之,下班路上花上几分钟做自己喜欢的Things help ease the tension at work.


Five signs of stress

Five signs of stress

Do you have 4 signs of stress?

  The latest information released by the Harris Investigation Center in the United States states that: 60% of the human body?
90% of illnesses are related to stress.

  Living under stress for a long time will cause your body to protest in different forms.

  In fact, some kind of physical discomfort caused by stress, in daily life, we can take measures to prevent and relieve ourselves.

  Symptom 1: Cold If you feel exhausted for a few weeks and your throat is sore, it is likely that stress has broken through the immune system’s function, making it easier for bacteria to invade your body and cause respiratory diseases.

  Preventive measures: such as: pay attention to cold prevention measures, such as: drink plenty of water, insist on washing your face and hands with cold water, try not to let your hands touch the mouth, nose and eyes.

Traditional Chinese medicines for preventing colds, such as garlic and houttuynia cordata, can take effective defense in the early stages of virus invasion.

  It’s also important to keep a good mood.

For those who are easily frustrated, walking outdoors often will make you feel better, and it would be better if you do some exercise.

  Symptom 2: Headache is the main source of migraine.

Usually one in 10 women will have migraines of varying degrees, but only half of those with migraines will actively seek treatment.

The causes of migraine are said to be different. Generally speaking, if you repeatedly feel pain around the eyes, nausea is likely to be a precursor to migraine.

  Countermeasures: First of all, you should not rely on analgesics, so as not to reduce the headache after medication.

The correct way is: continue to take the medicine twice a month to form a regular pattern, and then gradually reduce the number of medications, such as once every 4 or 7 days; second, you can add some vitamin B2 to prevent; finally, pay attention to eat less cheese,Wine, nuts and meat food.

  Of course, before this series of preventive measures are implemented, don’t forget to give yourself a chance to change the air and split your limbs, even for 5 minutes, sitting in front of the computer desk.

  Symptom 3: Insomnia Insomnia always shifts the stress and burdens and aggravates.

There are also women who are most vulnerable to insomnia during the physiological cycle.

The usual condition is: lethargy as soon as the ovulation period, and how can you not sleep after the ovulation period.

  Reason: Eat a small amount of turkey, cheese or tuna salad and drink a glass of milk 1 hour before bedtime, but do not eat sweets before bedtime.

  If you still can’t sleep, don’t force yourself to play the sheep counting game anymore, you might as well get up and practice yoga.

After experiencing the pain of insomnia all night, the remedial work that can be done the next day is to find ways to take a nap at noon.

  In addition, you can have a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon, and your armour will continue to work.

  Symptom 4: Cold sores About 50 million people worldwide suffer from cold sores.

If you are in an overloaded state for a long time, you may get more cold sores.

  Reason: When you have blisters, apply ice pack for 10 minutes, then remove it for 5 minutes, and repeat it twice to suppress swelling of the blisters. Then apply some tea tree oil.

In addition, taking 1000 mg of lysine (3 times a day) can also shrink and dry the blister.

  If it is a woman with frequent herpes, you can go for some lysine intake.


Traditional Chinese medicine to relieve your pain

Traditional Chinese medicine to relieve your pain

[Introduction]Most Chinese medicines are bitter and difficult to import.

Sometimes, some diseases have to be served more than once, and some people really frown and swallow with tears.

  Good medicine is good for everyone, and everyone knows it.

The problem is that some medicines are really miserable and difficult to drink.

  According to the teachings of Chinese medicine practitioners and my many years of experience in taking Chinese medicine, I have concluded that the six methods of Chinese medicine to relieve suffering can make it easier for Chinese medicine to be imported.

  Brief introduction of Chinese medicine Qukuai method is as follows: ① master the time of taking medicine within 24 hours a day, the body has two “golden times” to absorb drugs, one from 8 am to 10 am, and one from 2 to 3 pm.

The bitter Chinese medicine can be ingested as described above after a meal.

  ② Mastering the temperature of the liquid medicine The taking of traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to “the cold is hot, the hot is cold”.

But taking bitter Chinese medicine is not restricted to this approach.

Relevant expert studies have confirmed that the tongue is more sensitive to temperatures above 37 ° C. Therefore, the temperature of the bitter Chinese medicine soup should be controlled between 15 ° C and 37 ° C, which can prevent hot mouth and correct the bitter taste.

  ③ The study of mastery and throat shows that human bitter receptors are mainly concentrated in the front half of the tongue, with the tip of the tongue most prominent.

  Therefore, after the liquid medicine is imported, it is best to quickly contain the medicine on the base of the tongue and swallow it naturally, or use a spoon to directly send the liquid medicine to the base of the tongue and swallow it.

  ④ Master the speed of taking medicine. The longer the medicinal solution stays in the mouth, the more bitter it feels. Therefore, the adoption of bitter Chinese medicine is to be clean and fleeting.

  ⑤ Drinking a moderate amount of warm water after taking the medicine will not only help the dialysis tract to absorb the liquid medicine, but also relieve the bitterness of the liquid medicine to a certain extent.

  ⑥ Add seasonings Add honey, sucrose, etc. to the bitter medicinal solution, but for Coptis chinensis, biliary and the like, use as little or no seasoning as possible.

If necessary, it can be mixed with grass, jujube and the like.


Causes of baby broken teeth and nursing methods

Causes of baby broken teeth and nursing methods

[Introduction]The National Oral Health Survey from the National Dental Prevention Guidance Group shows that the rate of dental caries in children is 90%, and there must be some children who “happily stop laughing” because of this.

In addition, due to changes in lifestyles, children now have more and more irregular teeth.

● “Bottle caries” is very common. Although Mr. Hong Hu Zhang’s daughter is only 1 year old, the front teeth are all caries.

Children with bottle caries are not common in outpatient clinics.

Newborn baby food is mainly milk, because after the deciduous teeth have sprouted, because they have not cleaned their teeth, the oral cavity is prone to breed bacterial metabolism to produce acidic substances, which will cause dental caries.

Therefore, parents are advised to feed their babies some boiled water after each feeding to keep their mouths clean.

Many parents feel that their children are small and cannot brush their teeth. In fact, children’s oral cleaning should begin with the baby’s first teeth, which is about 6 months to “brush” the baby-parents wrapped their own gauzeForefinger dipping clean water to help baby clean his mouth. This oral care method usually lasts two and a half years old. From two and a half years old, parents should choose a toothbrush for this age for children, twice a day in the morning and evening. It is necessary for young children.Behind him, teach the children to master the correct brushing method. After three months of training, the 3-year-old child should be able to complete the brushing independently.

But at this time, the children still lack initiative and consciousness. Parents must not neglect the role of supervision and help them develop good oral hygiene habits, so that children can have healthy and beautiful teeth.

In addition, if the mother can pay attention to eat more foods that promote tooth development during pregnancy, the degree of calcification will be high when the baby’s deciduous teeth erupt after birth and it will not be easy to form dental caries.

● In the six months after the age of 4 years, dental caries can be diagnosed soon after eruption of deciduous teeth. The survey shows that the rate of dental caries increases with age, especially after 4 years of age.

Many parents are puzzled and urge their children to brush their teeth every morning and evening. Why are there still broken teeth?

As living conditions get better and better, after the age of 3, children like to eat snacks and drinks, which are all the causes of dental caries.

Although parents now supervise their children to brush their teeth sooner or later, due to the continuous snacks of their children, they cannot guarantee the oral cavity to be cleaned at any time, and food residues are easily attached to the teeth. In addition, many children eat after brushing their teeth at night, and drink milk before going to bed.Over time, it can cause dental caries.

Therefore, it is very important for children to develop good living habits, which should be done from three aspects of diet, hygiene and regular inspection.

Let the children try to reduce snacks, especially those with high sugar content, and eat more foods containing crude fiber. After the child is 4 years old, he should have an oral examination every six months.

Because of the fear of oral medicine, children who have oral diseases are generally not easy to express, and parents are also easy to be negligent. They usually go to the doctor when the child has a toothache. If the oral cavity can be checked regularly and the dental caries are detected early, it can prevent dental caries from having permanent teethInfluence, and finally affect the whole body development and tooth beauty.

● Chewing degenerate tooth decay is more. In daily life, you will find that many children have braces to correct their teeth. “How come children have so many irregular teeth now?

Children’s irregular teeth are commonly referred to as malocclusions, including tooth decay, thin teeth, gigantic teeth, tiger teeth, crowding, crooked face, small jaw, and so on.

The body is related to the inheritance of the parents, especially the parents whose teeth are “bundled”, which is likely to be passed on to their children.

There are also many acquired factors that cannot be ignored, such as incorrect placement, breath opening, thumb habit, tongue sticking, bad swallowing habit, lip biting habit, lateral chewing habit, problems during deciduous or replacement period, etc.Causes the occurrence of misalignment.

Many children nowadays are still relying on baby bottles, which is one of the reasons leading to malocclusion.

In addition, the number of children with cramped teeth, loose teeth, and tooth deformities continues to increase. One of the important reasons is that children’s foods are getting finer and thinner. It is almost impossible to see coarse grains at three meals a day.Fine; the more chopped the meat, the more chopped it is, and many foods can be easily swallowed.

Over time, the child’s mandible degenerates and teeth become deformed.

● It is best to correct the anti-jaw at the age of 4 to reach 10 years old. Too many parents take their children to see if they can arrange their teeth that are crooked.

Relative to people’s increasing emphasis on appearance, parents all attach great importance to children’s orthodontics, but it is so simple to orthodontize and arrange teeth at the same time. The choice of correction methods varies from person to person and from disease to disease.

If the child has an anti-jaw, it should be corrected when the child is about 4 years old. If the oral occlusion, anti-occlusion, cavities, etc. caused by bad oral habits, etc. should be treated as soon as possible to eliminate the bad habits.

If it is a simple tooth irregularity that does not need to be corrected during the deciduous period, it is generally waited until the age of 12 years after the permanent teeth are implanted and corrected. However, the defects caused by the milk teeth should be eliminated in advance.The growth and improvement of osseous malocclusions such as retraction and mandibular retraction must be seized with good timing.

Mandibular retraction deformity, it is best to correct the bone before the peak growth and development of children. Since girls develop earlier than boys, the peak growth of girls is 10-11 years, and boys are 12-13 years.

Maxillary retraction deformity should be corrected around 8-10 years old.

However, specific problems should be treated concretely, and it is recommended that children check regularly to detect problems early.


Best Summer Skincare Solutions


Best Summer Skincare Solutions

Experts: Skin-care topical fruits and vegetables are not as good as diet and conditioning in summer. Girls who love beauty are always “armed” in the morning, evening, or rainy or cloudy, so as not to be sunburned.

However, the reporter recently learned from the dermatology department of Beijing Hospital that in the cloudy and intensified ultraviolet radiation, the sun in the morning and evening has a positive meaning for people’s skin health.

  The best expert tips for skin care in the morning and evening sun, strengthening skin’s tolerance to sunlight is an important measure to protect skin health.

Choosing a moderate amount of sunlight in the morning and evening when the sunlight is not too strong can not only enhance the skin’s adaptability, but also prevent the skin from being excessively sunburned and tanned in summer.

  According to Dr. Feng Heping from the Department of Dermatology, Beijing Hospital, summer solar dermatitis caused by poor skin tolerance to light is common.

At present, many people spend much more time working in office buildings than outdoor activities, and their skin’s ability to withstand sunlight is correspondingly weakened, which is why some fair-skinned people are particularly vulnerable to sunburn.

  In order to enhance the skin’s ability to adapt and prevent the skin from getting sunburned and tanned in summer, you should choose an appropriate time to bask in the sun.

Most suitable are those in the early morning and evening when the sun is not too strong.

  External application of fruits and vegetables is not as good as nutrition. Today, nutrients and external application of fruits and vegetables are popular. Girls who love beauty must think that these have a great effect on sun protection and blackening. In fact, the effects are not as obvious as they thought.

According to Dr. Feng, the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients from the outside is not very strong. From a health perspective, eat less stimulating food, eat more light food, maintain good rest habits, ensure sleep, and clean the skin.Skin care is more important.

  In summer, due to the hot weather, the metabolism in the human body is also more vigorous than usual, causing a large amount of perspiration in the human body, so the skin will secrete more oil, which is very detrimental to skin health.

At this time, in addition to maintaining the necessary amount of drinking water every day, you should also wash frequently. After the skin is burned by the sun, you should not use hot water for showering, but you should wash it with warm and cold water.

  In addition, diet should pay attention to avoid spicy food, but to add fresh, light food.


Five Sexual Secrets Husband Wants His Wife to Know

Five Sexual Secrets Husband Wants His Wife to Know

There are five main sexual secrets that men want their wives to know: First, men’s sexual requirements are no better than provoke.

  Many women as wives always think that their husbands are unsatisfied with sex. This is actually a misunderstanding.

In real life, what men are most afraid of is that their wives say that their sexual abilities are not good, so sometimes men alternately make sexual demands to their wives instead of really needing them, but worry about worrying about sexual life, and the wives will say that they are not okay, even whenIf you can’t help you, you have to support it for your face.

  Second, men only need sex.

  Many wives think that a man’s sex is sex.

In fact, this is enough. They need more emotional communication.

“Sometimes all men want is to hug, kiss or talk about themselves”, that’s all.

Their sexual requirements are not as simple as their wives think.

  Third, men can also get sexual happiness in love.

  Married men want to get love, happiness, and ease from their wives, and they also want me to be romantic. “Men are the same as women. The more passionate they are, the more satisfied they are.”

Many men who have been married for many years are most afraid that their wives do not understand their romantic needs, saying that they do not look like a manly man, so they put on a masculine appearance.

  Fourth, men also need to caress before sex.

  Some wives are dissatisfied with their husband’s performance during sex, feel that their husbands do not “do their best”, and some even think that the husband is dealing with themselves.

In fact, this is not the case. It is not that the husband does not need sex, nor is it because the wife lacks charisma, and because the prelude to have sex must be made that the fire of men’s sexual desire has not really been ignited.

  Fifth, men do not always ask for sex.

  Men’s sexual desire does not necessarily have to be satisfied through sex.

In the intimate contact of the couple, the wife birdie is charming and charming, and the tenderness and sweetness of the sweet words always excites her husband and produces an intimate and comfortable sexual experience.


Bad suggestion affects physical health

Bad suggestion affects physical health

Case Xiaoming’s mother told the psychologist “I didn’t go well when I gave birth to Xiaoming. The doctor even gave him oxygen and told me that my child might have mental problems in the future.

“He is 9 years old this year, and is not the same as the average child.

Congenital deficiency, abnormal brain, learning difficulties, grades in the bottom ten in the class, I really worry that he will have mental retardation.

“Mother said more and more excited,” I have shown him to seven or eight hospitals, and also did a lot of tests, but nothing happened.

“” He was mainly a brain problem, the root cause of the illness that fell when I gave birth to him.

“Mom repeatedly.

  When the doctor turned his attention to Xiaoming, Xiaoming responded without hesitation: “I have a problem in my brain, so I’m not learning well, and I’m very anxious.

“Xiaoming’s mother also said:” Every time I see a doctor, I tell the doctor about the injuries to his brain and the things that affect his study.

The diagnosis and treatment have determined that the level of small wisdom is normal, and there is no problem of mental retardation.

The problem of poor academic performance is entirely due to the mother’s bad psychological suggestion.

The mother accepted the doctor’s bad psychological suggestion that “this child may have intellectual problems.”

Various unspoken and subtle psychological hints have led to various intrusions in Xiao Ming’s life and learning.

  Psychological research shows that everyone will always accept one or another of these psychological cues in life. Some of these cues are positive and some are negative.

Some people who are more sensitive, vulnerable, and less independent, such as women and children, are more likely to accept hints.

If it is long-term negative and bad psychological cues, it will have a certain impact on people’s lives, cause emotional disturbance, and even seriously affect health.

Xiaoming is suffering from learning difficulties due to long-term bad psychological cues.

The person who often imposes a bad psychological cue is exactly the person who is most loved, trusted and most dependent on, such as a mother.

If a long-term improper psychological implication is imposed on someone, it will inevitably affect the individual’s cognitive thinking process and cause people to form a bad psychological response and behavior pattern.

For children who lack the ability to discriminate, bad psychological reactions are more likely to form and settle, which can seriously affect their development throughout their lives.

  Therefore, as a parent and a teacher, it plays a very important role in the normal development of children, especially the words and deeds of the parents can promote or limit the child’s thinking ability and mental health and development.

Therefore, in any case, we must try to give children more positive psychological health effects and practical help and guidance.

In addition, it may be more important for children to know themselves correctly.

Let children form the right self-concept and correct self-perception, which will help them find the right place in society when they are adults.


The dangers of newlyweds sitting on the bed

The dangers of newlyweds “sitting on the bed”

Sitting in bed is what folks say is that they are pregnant at night.
Some people think that “sitting on the bed” is a combination of joy and happiness, and double happiness comes to the door.
But modern medicine and eugenics practice proves that “sitting in bed” is not a good thing.
  The so-called “sitting on the bed” means that the cave house is pregnant by night.
Some people think that “sitting on the bed” is a combination of joy and happiness, and double happiness is coming.
  Some people have another banquet for those who “sit on the bed” one month after the wedding.
Especially in some remote rural areas, people who think that “sitting on the bed” have discussed auspiciousness, and pregnant women have doubled in value and are proud of it.
  In fact, modern medicine and eugenics practice have proved that “sitting in bed” is not all joy, and some cause life-long regret and cast a shadow on happy families.
  Everyone who holds a wedding always has a few tables, especially on the day of the wedding. A couple of new people will have to circulate between the tables and toast the guests in turns.
  For the etiquette and excitement, the bride and groom naturally raised their glasses and drank a few more drinks, even drunk.
In some places, young people still have to make trouble in the cave after the banquet has ended. This trouble also requires the bride and groom to drink and smoke;
It can be said that it is sunk in the smoke all day long.
Some newlyweds were conceived in a drunken house.
  So, what harm does “sitting on the bed” have?
First of all, fertility is not good for fetal development.
Alcohol has certain harmful effects on sperm or eggs.
  Pregnancy under the influence of alcohol can cause fetal growth retardation, short stature, and the incidence of deformities and mental retardation several times higher than normal.
Even if the malformation does not occur, the fetus is poorly developed, dull and ill, and frail and sick, which results in “fetal alcoholism syndrome”.
  Secondly, before the marriage, the two parties rushed to purchase and decorate the new house, which made them tired.
From the perspective of eugenics, pregnancy under extreme fatigue is not good for the healthy development of the fetus. Some obstetrics and gynecology experts believe that women who are pregnant after marriage are more likely to get “pregnancy poisoning” than women who have been pregnant after a period of marriage.
  Furthermore, during honeymoon, tobacco and alcohol are often excessive, and harmful components in tobacco can cause fetal growth retardation, cause deformities, and even cause congenital heart disease.
Therefore, it is better for newlyweds to avoid “sitting on the bed”.


OL must learn to edema first aid soothing massage


OL must learn to edema first aid soothing massage

High work pressure, irregular work overtime, eye puffiness and dark circles have become the most headache of OL.

Although I tried everything, I also tried many eye care products, but they all have little effect. What should I do?

May wish to try morning and evening massage method, combined with the use of eye cream, believe me, the effect will not be very wrong.

  In the morning: Go to the edema emergency soothing massage step1, rub the two sheets, and then pat the palms gently on the eyes, counting to 10.

  step2, using the residual heat of the middle finger and ring finger of both hands, gently press the eye, so as to relieve eye pressure.

  Step3, use your index finger, middle finger and ring finger to gently lower the eyelids, soothing the eye skin.

  In the evening: massage correctly to promote better absorption of step1 by eye cream, use your index finger, middle finger and ring finger to enter the lower eye socket, and gently massage 3 times in the direction from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye.

  Step2, put your thumb on the corner of the eye, and gently massage the upper eyelid in the direction from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye, and finally the party blocks the temple.

Repeat 3 times.

  Step3. Put the middle and ring fingers of both hands gently on the upper and lower eyelids respectively, and gently slide from the place near the bridge of the nose to the temple. Repeat this 3 times.


The skin can turn white and tender instantly


The skin can turn white and tender instantly

Many MMs know that a white can be three ugly, and they all want to be whiter and whiter.

However, many MMs have tried their best to do their utmost to find that their own is not very white, it seems that they are always missing something.

Is it bad for your whitening product?

Is it that you did it wrong?

Now I will come to reveal the fog for you.


hzh {display: none; }  没有.

1: Oily skin deep moisturizing and whitening scheme Oily skin dehydration Appearance: It can not be more suitable to describe with a shiny surface, especially a pair of nose wings, and the pores are also relatively large.

  Deep moisturizing and whitening countermeasures: Thorough cleaning and moisturizing is the basis for correct skin care for oily skin.

When choosing a moisturizing product, it is best to choose a product that is clean and refreshing, does not contain oil, and also has a high moisturizing effect.

With a highly hydrophilic oil-controlling emulsion, moisturizing gel, spray mineral water or lotion, and then spread evenly with moisturizing gel. Products containing tea tree oil can remove excess oil on the surface of the skin to achieve anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and acne treatment effects.

  Recommended products by beauty editors: Fancl Non-Adding Moisturizing Essence Mask Reference Price: ¥ 140/3 tablets Product Introduction: The eyelid design is very intimate, while the skin is full, the eyes can also be a spa.

Take a break for 20 minutes in the beautiful area.

Efficacy: Unique “water-retaining moisturizing essence”, with its unique structure that locks in moisture, it can seize moisture oriented at 5 times its own weight. It effectively locks the moisturizing essence injected into the skin, making the moisturizing effect longer。 How to use: Apply to face for 20 minutes after cleansing.


2: Combination skin deep moisturizing and whitening scheme Mixed skin dehydration appearance: The face is slender and dry, and the T area and the sides of the nose are more than oily. The mixed skin condition makes the skin more difficult to care for, and it is more prone to dehydration.Dark yellow condition.

  Deep skin hydration and whitening countermeasures for mixed skin: It is important to pay attention to the thorough cleansing of the skin. Do not overlap the cleaning work due to the dryness of the cheeks. Only thoroughly clean the excessive oil content in the T area and above the nose.

After thoroughly cleaning, choose a hydrating product for deep hydration.

To achieve better results.

  Clinique Clinique Hydrating and Moisturizing Mask Reference Price: ¥ 360/6 Tablets Clinique Product Introduction: After working all day in a dry air-conditioned room, you need this kind of mask most for your skin.

Efficacy: Unique aloe active water, and infiltration technology that can make the hydration effect better.

Effectively keeps skin hydrated.

How to use: Apply on face for 15 minutes after cleansing.

3: Dry skin deep moisturizing and whitening scheme Dry skin dry / sensitive skin dehydration Appearance: The skin feels dry and tight, and it is easy to get dandruff, allergies, small red rashes, andMany small fine lines are distributed around the eyes.

  Deep hydration and whitening countermeasures: After washing your face, you should apply a moisturizing lotion containing moisturizing formulas such as hyaluronic acid and plant extracts to reduce the moisture in the cuticle of dry skin and fine cracks that are easy to appear on the skin.It is necessary to supplement the oil properly and replace the lipophilic moisturizing products, that is, the product is highly hydrated but not greasy, so as not to increase the burden of oil on the skin.

  Recommended product beauty editor recommended: FREEPLUS Shuangrun (deep moisturizing) lotion Reference price: 180 yuan / 125ml Strict selection of high quality and low irritation raw materials, do not add any burden to the soft skin.

The pH is weakly acidic like the skin.

Kanebo’s signature ingredients accumulate water serine 120 to replenish excess moisture to the skin, leaving the skin supple and crystalline, and maintaining its original stability.