Jennifer Lopez’s personal plan

Jennifer Lopez’s personal plan

This is an era when curves are king, and lines are more important than weight.

Many European and American actresses are not proud of their slim figure but perfect hips!

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous queen of hips!

Come and learn Ace fitness instructor Nan Kennedy for J.

The electric hip training plan created by LO, you can also become a devil’s hip!

European and American actresses have always been keen to put in huge insurance for their proud body parts. Compared to Dolly Parton’s proud twin peaks, Mariah Carey’s plump legs lookMen they are more keen to set their sights on Jennifer Lopez’s value 3.

On the $ 500 million sexy buttocks, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg even said, “I want to own Jennifer Lopez.

“Although he is in his forties, Latino

LO can still use her charm of electric hips to grab the mirror at the opening ceremony of the World Cup. Of course, this not only notices her own innate capital, but also cannot be separated from the guidance of Hollywood star coach Nan Kennedy.

Tip 1: The easiest way to shape hips is to climb stairs and squats. Climbing stairs and squats is the easiest way to shape hips at home. Both of these exercises can effectively train the lower body, especially the hips and thighs.Muscle, but the coach reminds that there is a risk of wear in these two sports, so be sure to wear knee pads while practicing, and at the same time master the intensity of the exercise.

Tip 2: Bicycle training makes the ankle muscles feel like cycling is always J.

LO ‘s favorite chest exercise weapon has been studied. It has been pointed out that people who often ride bicycles are more three-dimensional than people who drive near the line. The overall contour will cause upright and uplifting, and the muscle texture will be elastic.

So J.

LO often does some cycling training at home, which can effectively consume the guy who thighs while exercising.

Tip 3: Practicing the calisthenics of the Israeli special forces The calisthenics of the Israeli special forces, like Pilates or yoga, is a very popular form of bodybuilding training among Hollywood actresses.

Coaches said that compared to general training, the Israeli special forces soft gymnastics focused more on the muscle tissue of the whole body, effectively improving the ratio of muscle and unfortunate, while making the skin firmer.

Tip 4: Reduce diet time. Diet is also very important for leg shape. In order to avoid changes in weight affecting the line, coach Nan Kennedy is J.

LO has developed a very strict diet plan, and he recommends breaking down the three daily meals into eight meals a day, that is, eating every two hours, so as to maintain energy while maintaining a stable weight value.

Tip 5: Eating more anti-edema food residues is a very easy place to collect water, and the lymphatic metabolism of the subcutaneous rib tissue is relatively slow, so you need to cooperate with diet to combat edema while avoiding the loss of bone lines.

South-Kennedy is coming to J.

LO eats some foods from the ocean. The potassium in it helps fight puffiness, and he also recommends J before exercise.

A small amount of red wine helps to accelerate metabolism.

Tip 6: Eliminate the temporary accumulation of gluteal buttocks. The excess initial supplements from food will initially accumulate in the lumbar abdomen and tibia, followed by visceral tissue and limbs.

So although South Kennedy occasionally allowed J.

LO eats some high-metabolized foods, but she will also be required to do fine calculations, and to consume excess transfer through diet plans and exercise within 24 hours, to avoid any contours being affected by minor problems.

Tip 7: In addition to diet and exercise, some butt-assisting methods have also been added to J by South Kennedy.

In the life of LO, he would recommend J.

LO absorbs anti-oxidant beauty supplements to suppress free trace cells and increase muscle elasticity. At the same time, it is recommended to use slimming products to promote the promotion of subcutaneous tissue metabolism and maintain the line of the chest.


Research shows that 60 years old is the boundary between male and female obesity

Research shows that 60 years old is the boundary between male and female obesity

Introduction: Recently, a laboratory study in a hospital in Nanjing said that the incidence of males and females is 60 years old is a dividing line.

Before the age of 60, the incidence of obesity in men was higher than that in women. After 60 years of age, the prevalence of obesity in women was higher than that in men.

And regardless of whether men and women are getting older, the incidence of too much will increase.

People with elevated body weight, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases have an increased incidence, so the elderly should control diet, increase exercise, and avoid obesity.

  ”The longer the belt, the shorter the life.

“There are always people saying that people are talking about excessive and health problems that are getting more and more attention.

  At the 2011 International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering at the Antiques Day, Director Zhang of the Laboratory of a hospital in Nanjing, together with her colleagues, analyzed the incidence of obesity in some populations in Zhejiang Province, as well as gender, age, hypertension, diabetes, etc.The relationship between various factors.

  The incidence of obesity in the surveyed population was 42.

70% of the surveys selected 3,171 people from all walks of life in Zhejiang Province who had physical examinations from January to December 2010, including 2,249 males, aged 22-81 years, and 922 females, aged 23-79.year old.

  All testing items were tested by experts in nursing homes according to uniform standards to detect height, weight, blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar.

  From the test results, the cost of this study exceeded 42.

70%, male is 52.

54%, female is 19.



Office workers eat black beans in vinegar

Office workers eat black beans in vinegar

The efficacy of black beans has been highly evaluated.

Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty recorded in “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Eating black beans often can prevent all diseases.

“Professor Zhang Guoxi from the Xiyuan Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences pointed out that black beans can nourish the kidney, and the health of the liver and kidney can greatly improve vision.

In addition, black beans have oxidative and antioxidant ingredients-anthocyanins and vitamin A that are good for the eyes.

These two important nutrients are enough to fatigue your eyes and help prevent vision loss.

Among them, vinegar can promote the dissolution of nutrients in black beans and help to efficiently convert nutrients.

  The method of soaking black beans in vinegar is very simple. First prepare a pan, add black beans, but do not put oil, and fry over medium heat for about 5 minutes. After the black bean skin is broken, change to low heat and fry for another 5 minutes.Alas.

Dry the fried black beans for 15 minutes, put them in a clean container with parcels, add vinegar, and soak for about two hours. After the vinegar is absorbed by the black beans, you can eat it.

  In addition to helping to suppress vision loss, vinegar black beans are also effective in treating chronic fatigue, chills, retinal soreness, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, etc. These are the most common diseases for people working in the office.

  Vinegar soaked black beans can be eaten on the same day after being prepared, and can be stored in the refrigerator for half a year, so you can make more.

The black bean itself has a natural sweet taste.

If you don’t like the sour taste of vinegar, you can also add a small amount of honey.


How to overcome workplace mental fatigue?

How to overcome workplace mental fatigue?

Core tips: Workplace mental fatigue is mainly manifested by tiredness at work, unwillingness to get up, increased number of late to work, irritability when dealing with official duties, distraction, slow thinking, slow response, and increased forgetfulness.

  With the intensification of social competition and the increase of work pressure, more and more urban people are tired.

Psychological fatigue in the workplace is mainly manifested by tiredness at work, unwillingness to get up, increased number of late to work, irritability, distracted attention, sluggish thinking, slow response, and increased forgetfulness.

So, how to overcome psychological fatigue in the workplace?

  Expert analysis believes that urban people often suffer from backache and leg pain due to sitting in the office. There are also occupational diseases caused by some special types of work. Physical fatigue can cause psychological fatigue. The demand for many talents will increase in the future.Uncertainty in the workplace has caused stress to employees to a large extent; in addition, psychological fatigue can occur when personal development goals encounter difficulties in development.

The survey shows that because white-collar women are not less stressed than men, but they have greater social responsibilities and pressure than men, white-collar women are more likely to be physically fatigued, and faced with work pressure, women are more likely to show emotional fatigue reactions.

  Workplace mental fatigue and dual personal emotional problems have become social issues that cannot be ignored.

According to surveys by US research institutions: The annual economic loss caused to American companies due to psychological depression of employees is as high as US $ 305 billion, more than five times the after-tax profit of 500 large companies!

In China, according to some estimates, occupational stress causes at least US $ 100 million in losses each year.

The survey also shows that from executives to experts to manual workers, 68.

2% are facing confronting work pressure, of which 58.

5% of people are showing different levels of psychological fatigue, and the health of professional people is shocking.

  How to overcome workplace mental fatigue?

Experts Experts are mainly to enhance people’s mental health and mental health.

First, strengthen the publicity of mental health knowledge, strengthen self-care ability and awareness, and form a state of physical health concern among individuals, families, groups, and society, so as to obtain multiple ways and effective methods to reduce the occurrence of mental health problems;Conduct mental health self-discipline training, personality analysis and psychological examinations to improve employees’ psychological endurance, relax themselves, relieve tension, always participate in life and competition with a peaceful and natural attitude, and be able to withstand the wind on the road to life in the futureUps and downs to help employees overcome physical illness and improve health.


Getting up in the morning and drinking five kinds of water can harm your health

Getting up in the morning and drinking five kinds of water can harm your health

Drinking water is a way for a living body to absorb water through its mouth to replenish its own intracellular water. It is an important part of life’s metabolism and one of the ways to supplement life and plant trace elements.

  Getting up in the morning and drinking five kinds of water is harmful to your health: ice water Many people like to get up to drink a glass of ice water in the morning, especially in summer, which is actually very unscientific.

Drinking ice water can easily cause gastric mucosal blood vessels to contract, affect digestion, stimulate healing, accelerate peristalsis of perfusion, and even cause intestinal obstruction, resulting in abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Normal people drink ice water, especially sweet drinks, which may cause stomach problems after transferring on an empty stomach.

  In addition, ice water first stimulates the throat, blood vessels in the congested state will suddenly contract, the blood will decrease, and the bacteria hiding in it will multiply into it, which may cause sore throat, dumb throat, or a cold and cough.Adverse health effects.


Excessive drinking of ice water will affect the development and physiological functions of the reproductive system, especially some young girls, whether it is menstrual period or not, drinking ice water or cold beverages randomly will cause menstrual disturbance and dysmenorrhea.

The cold air gathered in the cell palace and even buried the bane of infertility after marriage.

  Excessive drinking of ice water by boys also affects sperm development.

In addition, ice water will cause harm to the throat, vocal cords, respiratory system, etc.

  Drinks The first glass of water that gets up in the morning is best not to drink commercially available juices, colas, sodas, coffee, milk and other beverages.

Most carbonated drinks such as soda and cola contain citric acid, which will accelerate the excretion of calcium during the metabolism process, reduce the calcium content in the blood, and lead to long-term calcium deficiency.

Other beverages are beneficial for urination. In the morning, the transformation not only failed to effectively supplement the body’s water, but also increased the collective demand for water, which caused a lack of water in the body.

  Juices, milk, and coffee should not be used as the first drink in the morning, because these substances do not provide the most needed water for the body at this time, which will allow the body to digest and absorb the gastrointestinal tract in the absence of water.Conducive to physical health.

  Some people think that drinking saltwater is good for your health, so drinking saltwater in the morning is really wrong.

Drinking salt water is good for health. It is necessary to add water after sweating in the summer. It can be not only useless in the morning to add water, it is also a wrong practice that is harmful to health.

  Physiological research suggests that people do not drink drips during sleep all night, but breathing, sweating, and urinating are in progress. These physiological activities consume a lot of water.

When you get up in the morning, the blood has become concentrated. At this time, if you drink a certain amount of boiled water, the blood can be replaced quickly, instead of the hypertonic dehydration at night.

Drinking salt and boiling water instead will increase hypertonic dehydration, making people dry.

What’s more, the morning is the first peak of human blood pressure. Drinking salt and boiling water will increase blood pressure and endanger health.

  After boiling for a long time, the nitrogen-containing organic substances will be continuously decomposed into nitrite.

Especially when the water is stored for too long, bacterial pollution is inevitable. At this time, the decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic compounds is accelerated, and the generation of nitrite is more.

This type of water-associated nitrite and hemoglobin will affect the oxygen transport function of the blood.

  Therefore, the residual water boiled in boiling water for many days and placed on the stove for a long time, its composition has changed and cannot be blocked.

It should be boiled once, not more than 24 hours.

  In addition, bottled and barreled pure water and mineral water should not be stored for too long.

Large bottles or barrels of pure water, mineral water should not be drunk for more than 3 days.

  Tap water Some people are used to getting up in the morning to turn on the tap and take a glass of tap water to drink. This is not right.

Taps and tap water in the water pipes that are stopped overnight are stationary. These water and metal pipe walls and tap metal chambers will generate hydration reactions, forming metal polluted water, and residual water microorganisms will multiply. This water is rich in large amountsHarmful substances may also contain Legionella, an acute respiratory infectious disease that threatens human health.

Therefore, in the morning, when the tap is opened, tap water is the irreplaceable stagnant water, so please correct it immediately to avoid damaging your health.


How to choose underwear when exercising

How to choose underwear when exercising

Core tip: When you exercise, what kind of underwear should you wear?

Here are some suggestions for you.

  What kind of underwear should you wear when you exercise?

Here are some suggestions for you.
  Sweating sweat during fitness, at the same time, during exercise, friction between the body and underwear will occur. If wearing underwear made of chemical fiber fabric is very easy to hurt the skin, you must choose carefully, preferably cotton underwear.

  During fitness, the movement of various parts of the body increases, so underwear must be better elastic, especially the support performance is better, so as to avoid excessive tremor when the body is undulating.

  In addition, tights are generally worn during fitness. The design of underwear should highlight the natural curve of the human body, and the obvious contours of underwear cannot be painted at a glance from the outside of the tights.

At the same time, the shoulder straps of underwear should not slip off, so as not to cause you trouble.

  It is recommended to wear split-type sports underwear to shape the darker curves more plump and rounded during fitness, because it has better support and built-in cup design.

Wear it, your straight belly and graceful waist and hips will be more curvy, and your beautiful and slender legs with a decent short length will be more charming.


Five o’clock makes your ballroom dance more fitness

Five o’clock makes your ballroom dance more fitness

Fitness is a kind of sports, especially gymnastics including freehand or using equipment. Gymnastics can increase strength, flexibility, increase endurance, improve coordination, strengthen the control of various parts of the body, thereby making the body strong and effective.It is necessary to realize through breakthrough exercises.

  Five o’clock makes your ballroom dance more fitness1. It is better to dance at 8 or 9 in the morning or 5 or 6 in the evening. At this time, the air quality is better and the temperature is moderate.

But some time is usually after meals, so don’t eat too much or drink when eating.

Dancing with fullness can affect digestion, and in the long run keep the gastrointestinal tract in a proper state, which may lead to chronic tract diseases.

Especially for people who have a bad stomach, they should dance after half an hour.

In addition, alcohol can stimulate the brain, make the heart beat faster, blood vessels dilate, and dancing after drinking may induce heart colic and cerebrovascular accidents.

  2, when dancing, choose a spacious, fresh air venue, not too many people.

Because when dancing, the brain is in an excited state, blood flow speeds up, heart load increases, and the body’s oxygen consumption increases. Fresh air is especially important for fitness.

  3, the time of each dance is controlled at 1?
2 hours is better, the time is too long, the body is too tired, and the fitness effect is reduced.

If you are very obsessed with dancing, you can take a rest for about 20 minutes, do kicks, move your feet, bend over, etc. to ease your tense muscles.

  4. The smooth and smooth floor helps to express the balance, stability and fluidity of the dance. Marble, fine cement and tile floors are all suitable choices.

Rough mud and tiled floors are not suitable, because continuous and fast-paced music, the dancers pay attention to music and dance, and the ballroom dance that occurs at the same time may sprain their feet.

Care should be taken to choose a pair of shoes that are soft, lightweight and able to protect the foot replacement.

  5. Master the blood sugar level of dancing.

Slow three and slow four are not very strong and do not need to warm up.

Before the fourth and third-grade dance movements, it can cause shortness of breath, increased heart rate, and sudden increase in blood pressure, which may induce or exacerbate cardiovascular disease. Therefore, dancers should pay attention to slow to fast, slow and fast, and gradually.

Before jumping, fully prepare your knees, hips, shoulders, and other joints for a few minutes to do segmented exercises to avoid sports injuries.

If you accidentally sprain, apply a cold compress first, then follow the appropriate treatment.


7 homemade lip masks to easily create sexy toot lips_1

Make 7 sexy lips easily

The convenience of lip skin is neglected. In fact, protecting the lips is very serious. Ignoring it for a long time may cause peeling and discoloration, which affects the appearance. If you envy the actress ‘s lips, then learn how to make your own lip maskRight.

  1. Olive oil honey lip mask material: olive oil, honey Practice: Take 2 drops of olive oil and 1 spoon of honey, mix and pour into a container, and mix thoroughly.

Use a brush to apply a thick layer on lips and leave on for about 15 minutes.

You can also seal the lips with plastic wrap, and then apply a warm towel to the plastic wrap.

  Function: Olive oil and honey have effective moisturizing functions, and the results are better when using cling film!

  2. Vitamin E lip material: Vitamin E, cling film method: Poke the Vitamin E capsules, and then take out the oil inside.

Then apply it on the lips first, wrap with plastic wrap, apply a hot towel, remove the towel after 15 minutes and use a paper towel to print the remaining oil.

  Function: The oil in Vitamin E can moisturize the lips well and prevent the lips from drying again.

  3, glycerin lip material: glycerin, plastic wrap, hot towel.

  Method: Apply a thick layer of glycerin on the dry lips.

Cover the seal with plastic wrap and apply it on a warm towel for about 3 minutes.

Remove the plastic wrap, if there is dead skin, gently pick it with a cotton swab, and then lightly press with tissue paper to wipe off too much glycerin.

  Function: Glycerin effectively moisturizes the lips.

After applying it, apply lipstick with moisturizing and lip care results. The result is even better!

  4, lotus root powder lip mask material: lotus root powder, purified water practices: take an appropriate amount of lotus root powder and add pure water to stir, adjust to paste.

After washing your face, apply the adjusted paste to your lips and leave it on for about 15 minutes.

  Function: In addition to protecting dry lips, this formula also has the function of reducing fire.

  5. Hawthorn yam lip material: Hawthorn, yam, cinnamon powder Method: Wash the hawthorn and yam, peel them, and mix them into a mud.

Add cinnamon powder to make a paste.

After washing your face, apply the mixed dressing to your lips and leave on for about 15 minutes.

  Function: Yam, cinnamon powder can promote blood circulation, hawthorn can supplement vitamins for lips, effectively moisturize lips skin.

  6, yoghurt lemon juice lip mask material: yogurt, lemon juice Practice: add an appropriate amount of yoghurt to lemon juice, mix and stir, then smear evenly on the lips with a cotton swab, wrap the lips with a plastic wrap, and wash with water after 15 minutes.

  Function: This coup will help replenish lip moisture, relieve the trouble of dry lips, and make your lips soft and plump.

  7, honey lip mask material: honey, granulated sugar.

  Method: Put the granulated sugar in the honey and stir well.

Then apply a thick liquid mixture of honey and sugar to your lips and massage gently.

Wash after 3 minutes of massage and apply lip balm.

  Function: Honey, white sugar can not only be consumed first, but also has the function of moisturizing the skin.

  In daily care, lip care cannot be ignored!

In addition to your daily lip balm, your lips also need a dense, moisturizing lip mask.

Today I will introduce 7 simple DIY lip masks, so that you can maintain your lips at home!


The rules for the beautiful upgrade of the 11th holiday MM_1

The rules for the beautiful upgrade of the 11th holiday MM

First, the three major principles for selecting cosmetics: 1, the second: the big background, the popular must choose products with brand credibility, preferably a brand with a large corporate background.

  This type of product often has a qualified background because of its large background. At the same time, large groups will have dedicated scientific research teams and capital investment. These popular brands can also share some of the most cutting-edge skin care technology.

2, skin care “subject, guest, guest and guest” no matter how lazy, there are three basic skin care steps-cleaning, moisturizing, sun protection.

This most basic daily care should be done even for children under 12 years old. It is like a “subject, predicate and guest” of a sentence, which is added to the new content as it ages.

Remember, these three steps must be done every day, not every day.

3, between listening and not listening, many students get started in skin care, especially listening to the suggestions of others, of course, the advice is to listen, but you must not follow blindly.

  First, let’s see if the other person has the same skin as yours?

For example, a person with a thick cuticle who recommends a strong scrub to a person with thin skin will be a disaster.

  Essentially, look, is her skin good?

Someone who has a lot of fear of oils only needs to use “oil-reducing” products. In fact, her skin is not oily.

  In the end, you must try it yourself before deciding whether to buy it. If it is not a product that you usually use, it is better not to let people buy it for you.

Second, formulating a budget to save money Dafa “2 in 1” to save money Some skin care steps, products, 2 in 1 can be used, so it is economical and convenient, but it will not affect the overall quality of skin care.

Milky cleansing products = makeup remover + cleansing milk. If you do n’t use makeup, you probably do n’t use makeup remover. Of course, if you want to be lazy, we recommend that you choose an emulsion cleansing product, which can also dissolve oily dirt.Makeup remover and cleansing milk are used, but it is recommended to use it twice every night when washing, so that it will be cleaned more thoroughly.

Toner = Hydrating + Mask Choose a moisturizing type, or a lotion with certain effect, which can not only replenish hydration before using moisturizing cream, but also replace hydration or other effective type mask.

  Go to the supermarket to buy some compressed paper film, put the paper film in a container, and slowly pour in the lotion until the paper film is completely soaked and let go. This is to apply the mask full of lotion on the bodyThen, in this case, I believe that once a day will not become your financial burden.

Sunscreen day cream = moisturizer + sunscreen If it is summer with a very high UV index, it is still recommended to use a special sunscreen or barrier cream.

But in such winter, it seems a bit difficult for students to use sunscreen every day, so you can choose a day cream with SPF index. The sunscreen index of day cream is generally around SPF15, not very oily.It is a good choice to do sun protection work for you while moisturizing.


Water + Vitamin Fiber Says Goodbye to Summer Subhealth

Water + Vitamin Fiber Says Goodbye to Summer Subhealth

“Tired, I always feel that I can’t rest, especially in summer, I always feel like I can’t wake up”, “I have been so tired for a day of work that I don’t want to do anything”. Recently, the recovery of the order and rhythm of life has changed, and many people’s tiredness has also disappeared.He followed his work and returned to his side.

Experts believe that in order to avoid this healthy state of health, it is becoming more and more important to learn to drink water and absorb “crude fiber”.

  Chang Cuiqing, director of the Research Institute of Nutrition and Biochemistry of the Institute of Sports Medicine of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University, introduced that the sub-health state is a very common state in modern people. In addition to the tense rhythm of life, alternative activities and excessive pressure,Imbalanced nutrition is one of the most important reasons.

In order to cope with the fast-paced life, people often fill their stomachs with high-energy, high-fat fast foods, resulting in an imbalance in nutritional intake.

In many cases of nutritional deficiencies, inadequate drinking water and insufficient dietary fiber replacement are extremely common, so nutritionists are reminded to learn to drink water and replace enough supplementary fiber.

  ■ Five Principles of Healthy Drinking Water 1.

Moderate amount of water: Adults need to absorb 1500 to 2500 milliliters of water per day. People who sweat a lot, who have a lot of activity and who are heavier need a lot of water. Therefore, it is best to drink enough water to meet metabolism every day.Requirements.


A small number of times: Some people do n’t like to drink water, but they are afraid that if they do n’t drink enough, they will not be healthy enough, so they will use surprise drinking. Drinking a lot when you are thirsty is actually not advisable.Drinking more than 240 ml of water will not be absorbed by the body and will be quickly excreted from the kidneys. It is better to drink only 100 to 150 ml each time.


Suitable temperature: Drinking water can’t be greedy, warm water above 10 degrees is the best for the body.


Drinking water before meals: Some studies suggest that drinking water while eating can affect digestion, so if people who need to lose weight do not prevent drinking 100 to 150 ml of water 20 to 30 minutes before eating,It will hurt the stomach too much, and it will achieve a certain feeling of fullness in the stomach.


Rehydration before and after fitness: You can drink 100 to 150 ml of water 30 minutes before fitness. If you exercise for more than an hour, you need to add 100 to 120 ml in the middle.

In addition, after exercise, you must replenish the lost water according to 150% of the weight difference before and after the exercise.

  ■ Supplementary fiber should be supplemented 30 grams a day. Someone’s previous understanding of supplementary fiber was more one-sided, and felt that it would affect the absorption of nutrients and cause malnutrition.

However, the food of modern people is becoming more and more delicious, and the fineness directly causes excess nutrition, so the main fibers that seem rough to human health are gradually recognized and replaced.

Because of these “internal scavengers” that supplement fiber, bowel movements will slow down, and toxins in the body will be difficult to remove.

At the same time, the secretion of bile acid is reduced, cholesterol is lowered, and the effect of stabilizing blood sugar is difficult to fully meet the standard.

  The Chinese Nutrition Association recommends that each person absorb about 30 grams of supplementary fiber per day, and many of us only consume 10 grams per day. Therefore, nutritionists recommend eating more whole grains, some types: corn, millet, Sorghum rice, purple rice, to replace finely milled rice.

Eat more vegetables with long stems, like celery and spinach to increase the replacement of incremental fiber.

  It needs to be reminded that some people like to use fruit juice instead of fruit. In fact, although the fruit juice is rich in vitamins, the fiber component is lost during the pressing process and the nutrition is not comprehensive.