One-week mentality for office workers

“One-week mentality” for office workers

Construction Monday Mood: After a weekend, on Monday morning, you will either wake up earlier than usual, or you will be more sleepy.

You put on your work suit and left the house. The first taxi passed by without stopping.
Then there is the second one. When you get in the car, your face is not very good-looking.
In the office, your colleague tells you that the boss is looking for you.
You glanced at the colleague who was sending the message, and thought: hum!
Nothing bad.
So your mood is bad.
The boss said that a plan you made last week is not complete and needs some modifications and additions.
Back to your seat, you open that unlucky plan, it is difficult to enter the state for a long time . Constructive mentality: What you did, what you thought about, what the theme mood is, this is not the key to the problem,It is important that you learn to adopt a constructive mindset for the first working day of the week ahead.
If you are a 100% office worker, pay special attention to the distinction between work and leisure, and don’t indulge in some unnecessary emotions.
Before you go out on Monday morning, you can tell yourself this: a new job is waiting for me. From now on, put away yesterday’s mood and sorrow, adjust your mindset, and meet various challenges.
  Don’t expect others to smell and appease you for your personal feelings that are not related to your job, treat you leniently, and don’t expect others to forgive you for delays or mistakes.
You should be a professional with a complete and independent personality, and your position should not be easily replaced by others.
  Good mood index: 99% Indifferent Tuesday Mood: For most people, the mood on this day will be a bit more complicated, and it seems to be in a state of “continuous cutting, rationality, or simply not cutting or neglecting”.
  Indifferent mentality: On Tuesday night, unless it is overtime, your friends, your friends’ friends will basically stay at home, and if you want to find them, they will not be lost.
If you want to invite them out to play, I’m afraid it will be a bit difficult.
If you still do n’t give up, ask them why, most of them will say, “It ‘s nothing, just do n’t want to move, another day!
“If you are also an office worker, I will congratulate you, indicating that you were born with an energetic optimism.
  Do you think that just after a tense and complicated Monday, many things seem to lack a clear context, did the ending work as expected?
Will there be unexpected changes in the meantime?
Is the plan thorough?
Will the deviation from the implementation be out of the ordinary?
A series of unknowns are bothering you.
  Good mood index: 96% Happy Wednesday Mood: The position of this day is exactly in the middle of the weekday. As a self-balance, you must try to keep yourself happy.
I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone carrying a load, if the position of the flat load is properly placed, the steps will be very light, like dancing.
Even if you are a very picky and sane person, don’t give yourself a little praise or encouragement.
Review your work.
There can be stars in several places.
You can insert a small red flag in several places, and then say to yourself, “You guys, that’s not bad!
“Looking at everything for the benefit is the key to creating a good mood.
  Happy-type mentality: I have a girlfriend, and the situation is very ordinary.
However, she has always been very happy. Just listening to her laughter can be regarded as an optimistic attitude towards life.
  We might as well learn her.
This may help you make a positive assessment of your work in the past two days and the next two days of the week.
  好心情指数:96%  整合的星期四  心情:经过了三天的折腾,环境、心境会显出不同程度的杂乱,空间相对缩小,氧气供应不足,具体表现为莫名其妙的烦躁感,但又不得不按捺Finishing my day’s work with my temper, this mood remains unchanged until I get off work.
When I returned home, I noticed that the TV and the glass were covered with dust, and my mood followed.
You know, the dust in the environment accumulates little by little, and the mood will also accumulate.
Something went wrong in a certain job, but in fact the responsibility is not on you, but you have a hard time arguing; a colleague has misunderstood you, and you don’t want to explain it; a certain junior is inferior to you, but the boss is partialYou obviously do your best for your work, but the boss does not give the corresponding approval. Instead, it seems that you do not “feel” to you. These psychological factors will cause the mood to “gather” and cause adverse reactions.  Integrated mentality: To make your room refreshing, you must clean up the home in the room regularly. You should keep it, you should throw it away, and you must re-add it.

Psychological burden reduction is also possible. You must first identify the source and nature of the contradictions, analyze them one by one, and classify them in order to make a correct judgment.

  I remember that people in the past had antiques once every week. The cadres and the masses sat together face to face, and they could exchange work experiences and give each other opinions.

I think this method should gradually promote positive cooperation between people at work.

In the information age, people rely more on self-discipline and self-examination to improve their psychological quality.

  Good mood index: 96% OK Friday mood: In the “big pot rice” period, it is best not to choose this day when contacting business affairs, especially in the afternoon of this day, the receptionist is either “open” or absent-minded.

It’s different now. The work efficiency on weekends may be higher than usual.

what reason?

It’s like a large cheque that you can cash right away and grab it at your disposal-just after work today, meaning “long” weekends begin, and your mood will be cheerful.

  OK-type mentality: Do you want to keep in mind that the quantity and quality of the work you completed on this day are higher than usual?

Some things that seem to be a headache and troublesome things usually are OK on this day.

If you are the one who is most reluctant to work overtime, you will unknowingly do it on this day. You wo n’t be woken up until you have a phone call, and you will be amazed, “The time is passing fast.”

For you today, everything is OK.

  Similarly, why do n’t we take advantage of Friday ‘s good mood to do some creative and pioneering work, find someone who you are not familiar with, and communicate with you. After “refreshing” you, I believe there will be unexpected gains on this day.
  Good mood index: 98%


Fill you with full chest expansion exercise_1

Fill you with plenty of chest expansion exercises

Chest expansion exercises are one of the tricks to ensure full toxicity and anti-aging.

  The essentials of the action are to adopt a straight kneeling position, with your knees close together, your hands behind your back, arms straight, and your head raised.

Closing your eyes will cause you to focus on the point between your eyebrows.

Try to lift your arms up, and the palms of your hands are automatically separated, maintaining a straight sitting position, inhaling and exhaling long and deep.

Keep this posture l?
2 minutes.

  Precautions When practicing, maintain a uniform breathing rhythm.

The most important thing is that when you lift your arm up, do not continue to lift the top, but relax your shoulders to sink.

The practitioner with the problem in the front can put a pillow between the heel and the front.

Putting a pillow under your feet can help keep your back in position.

You can also sit cross-legged or sit on a stool.

Keep relaxed during practice.


Traditional Chinese medicine for insomnia

Traditional Chinese medicine for insomnia

(1) Milk drink: Take 250 ml of milk and take it before bed.

Suitable for insomnia or those who do not fall asleep deeply.

  (2) Lean lotus root soup: Take 250 grams of lean pork slices and 50 grams of lotus seed meat, add water and simmer until cooked, season and serve.

Suitable for insomnia and shortness of breath.

  (3) Walnut and sesame powder: take walnut kernels, 50 grams of black sesame seeds, add 15 grams of white sugar after mixing and cooking.

Take once a day, each serving is about 10 grams.

For palpitation and insomnia, those who make noise in the brain.

  (4) Lily keel soup: take 15 grams of keel, cook with water for 60 minutes, add 30 grams of lilies to cook, eat lily soup.

Once a day, drink 400 ml of soup.

Suitable for insomnia, upset and night sweats.

  (5) Erwei rice porridge: take jujube kernels, 10 grams of atractylodes each, add decoction to remove the residue, add 50 grams of congee porridge, and season.

Take 2 times daily, 500 ml each.

For insomnia and forgetfulness caused by deficiency of heart and spleen.

  (6) Longan porridge and jujube: take 15 longan meat and 7 red dates, and make porridge with 50 grams of rice and water.

2 times a day.

For dizziness, insomnia, pale faces.

  (7) Shouwu ganoderma (ganoderma lucidum food) porridge: take 15 grams of ganoderma lucidum and ganoderma lucidum, decoction and slag, add 50 grams of glutinous rice to make porridge

Take 2 times a day.

For dizziness and insomnia caused by insufficient blood.

  (8) Lianxin wheat porridge: take 30 grams of Huai wheat, add decoction to remove residue, and then add 10 grams of lotus seed heart, 50 grams of millet rice porridge, seasoning and taking.

Take 2 times a day.
Applicable to upset and insomnia caused by heart and kidney discomfort, dry mouth and night sweats.

  (9) Schisandra chinensis: Take 30 grams of Schisandra chinensis, add it to 500 ml of rice wine, seal and perforate for 30 days and serve.

Drink once a day, 30 ml each.

Applicable to upset and insomnia caused by heart and kidney discomfort, dry mouth and night sweats.

  (10) Chinese angelica stewed pork heart: take 10 grams of Chinese angelica, one pork heart, and stew with appropriate amounts of soy sauce (oil food), ginger, fennel, salt, and water until cooked, go to angelica, add MSG and mix well.
Suitable for insomnia, palpitations and chest tightness.

  (11) Egg millet porridge: Take 50 grams of millet, add water to boil the porridge, add 1 egg after the porridge is ready, stir and cook a little.

Suitable for long-term insomnia.

  (12) Lingzhi ginger soup: 15 grams each of Ganoderma lucidum and Astragalus root are soaked in water for 60 minutes and sliced with 100 grams of pork, cooking wine, salt, spring onion, ginger and pepper, and add water to the soup.

Serve as much as you want.

It can nourish lungs and kidneys, nourish blood and soothe the nerves, and is suitable for insomnia.

  (13) Ganoderma powder: Grind the dried Ganoderma lucidum into a fine powder, 9 grams each time, and wash it with warm water every morning and evening.

  (14) Ganoderma Pills: 1500 grams of Ganoderma lucidum dry product is developed into fine powder, honey is reconstituted into pills, 5 grams per pill, once a day in the morning and evening, and one pill is warmed with rice wine.

This pill has the effect of nourishing and calming the mind, and beauty (beauty food).

  (15) Ganoderma lucidum wine: 100 grams of ganoderma lucidum, soaked in 1000 milliliters of rice wine, start to place after one week, 1 small cup per night.

Long drink can strengthen the body and calm the skin.

  (16) Ganoderma tea: 10 grams of ganoderma grass, cut into thin slices, and brewed with boiling water for tea.It can replenish Zhongqi, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves, and prolong life.

  (17) Glutinous Rice Lingzhi Congee: 50 grams of glutinous rice, 5 grams of ganoderma, 60 grams of wheat, 30 grams of sugar.

Wash the glutinous rice, wheat, and ganoderma. Wrap the ganoderma with gauze. Add 800 ml of water to the casserole, cook over low heat until the glutinous rice is cooked through, add the sugar to taste and serve.

Nourish the heart, benefit the kidney, and tonic.

1 time a day, generally effective for 5-7 days.

  (18) Pig Heart Stewed Bozi Ren: 1 pig heart, 15 grams of Bozi Ren.

Wash the pig heart, put the cypress kernel in the pig heart, seal, add water to the pot, and simmer on medium heat.

When taking, slice the pig’s heart, or use it for healing, or take it alone.

It is suitable for the symptoms of restlessness, spontaneous sweating, insomnia and forgetfulness.

  (19) Jujube of pig heart: 1 pig heart, 15 grams of jujube.

Take the pig’s heart with blood and dissect it. Separate the jujube, add water to the bowl and steam until cooked. Take it.

Can treat restlessness, panic, irritability, restlessness, and dreams.

  (20) Stewed pig heart with ginseng: 50 grams of Codonopsis, 10 grams of angelica, 1 pig heart, monosodium glutamate and salt.

Degrease the pork heart and wash it; then choose the best codonopsis, Angelica and pig heart into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer until the pork heart is cooked.

Seasoned with monosodium glutamate and salt, can be divided into 2 servings, 1-2 times a day, even for 7-10 days.

It has the effect of nourishing qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves.

The prescription can be used for the nourishment and treatment costs of dysfunction of the heart and blood, shortness of breath due to palpitations, insomnia, complexion and so on.

  (21) Yuzhu braised pork heart: 50 grams of Yuzhu, 500 grams of pig heart, ginger, spring onion, refined salt, pepper, sugar, sesame oil, marinade each amount.

Pick out the impurities from the bamboo and add an appropriate amount of water, simmer for 40 minutes, and take the medicinal juice; cut open the pig’s heart, remove the blood, place it in a pot, pour the medicinal solution, add ginger, green onion, and pepper, and cook for sixRemove when mature.

Pour the marinade into the pot, add the pig’s heart, and cook it with simmering heat to produce the floating foam.

Then add an appropriate amount of marinade in the pot, add an appropriate amount of refined salt, sugar, MSG and sesame oil, heat to a thick juice, and spread it evenly inside and outside the pig heart.

Can be divided into 2 servings, 1-2 times a day, even for 7-10 days.

It has nourishing yin and nourishing blood, soothing and calming the mind.

It is suitable for the nourishment and treatment of palpitations, upsets, insomnia and other symptoms of dysfunction of the mind and heart, yin and discomfort.

  (22) Pig Heart Salvia and Hawthorn Soup: 1 pig heart, 20 grams of salvia, 25 grams of hawthorn.

Wash and slice the pork heart, add it to the pan with salvia and hawthorn, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer until the pork heart is cooked and simmered.

Eat meat and soup, 1 dose daily, 7-10 days in a row for a course of treatment.

There are nourishing blood, soothe the nerves, and calm the mind.

Applicable to blood deficiency, palpitations, fatigue, palpitations, spontaneous sweating, and insomnia.

It has a good effect on plasma atherosclerosis, angina pectoris and vascular embolism.

  (23) Pig heart: Wash 1000 grams of pork heart, put it in the pot, add green onion, ginger, tempeh, soy sauce, noodle sauce, rice wine amount, add water and simmer over low heat, stew and collect the juice, let cool, useCut into thin slices with a knife for cold dishes.

Can treat postpartum (postpartum food) shock and convulsions.

  (24) Rose, jujube and pig heart: 1 pig heart, 20 grams of jujube kernel, 10 grams of rose.

Wash the pig’s heart, pour the dates and roses into the pig’s heart, put it in a bowl, steam it, slice it, add various spices, etc., and mix it with your mouth.

  (25) Lotus core glutinous rice powder: lotus seed core, glutinous rice.

A total of fine, wine serving.

Can cure labor heart vomiting card.

6-9 grams each time, take 3 times a day, often take food, can cure panic.

  (26) Lotus core tea: 5 grams of lotus seed core, drink with boiling water.

It has clearing fire, calming heart and antihypertensive effect.Applicable to hypertension (blood pressure food), dizziness, and insomnia.

  (27) Dragon lotus lotus core drink: lotus seed kernel 6 grams, white lotus root 9 grams, keel 15 grams, 3 flavors are mixed into a casserole, and decoction is added. Daily decoction is divided into 2 servings in the morning and evening.1 course.

Can cure hypertension, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia and other symptoms.

  (28) Lotus seed powder porridge: lotus seed meat belt heart 50 grams, longan meat 30 grams, moderate amount of rock sugar.

First dry the peeled dried lotus seeds, mix with water to make a paste, put in boiling water, add longan meat at the same time, cook porridge, add rock sugar, and take 1 small bowl every night before going to bed.

It has the effect of nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, removing annoyance and peace of mind.

It is suitable for the face of Shaohua Bai caused by lack of blood, restless heart palpitations, restless sleep, dreams, etc.

  (29) Chenpi Poria porridge: 20 grams of Chenpi, 30 grams of Poria, 100 grams of previous rice.

Firstly, remove the peels of Chenpi and Fuling, then add the previous rice to make porridge, or dry the dried Chenpi and Poria together to make a fine powder. Use 3-5g each time and transfer to the boiled rice porridge.Porridge.
Take it 1-2 times a day for 10-15 days.

Regulating qi and strengthening the spleen, resolving phlegm and soothe the nerves, and eating together, it is suitable for stagnation of stomach and stagnation, chest tightness caused by dampness caused by moderate burn, abdominal fullness, indigestion, palpitations and nausea.

  (30) Poria buns: 30 grams of Poria, 1000 grams of flour, 500 grams of pork, ginger, pepper, sesame oil, cooking wine, refined salt, soy sauce, shallots, bone soup and other appropriate amounts.

Put the Poria block into the pot, add about 250 ml of water each time, cook it 3 times to get the juice, and transfer it into the fermented dough; mix the pork chop stuffing, add soy sauce and other seasonings, make the buns as usual, and steam them in the basket.
Serve in portions, taking 1-2 times a day for 10-15 days.

Nourish the heart and soothe the nerves, dehumidify and phlegm.

This recipe uses Poria as the main target package, which is suitable for weak spleen and stomach, dampness of phlegm, unfavorable urination, phlegm more and less, and palpitations and insomnia.

  (31) Lotus seed maling cake: 30 grams of lotus seed meat, 20 grams of Poria, 30 grams of Ophiopogon, 100 grams of flour, sweet-scented osmanthus, sugar.

The above flavors are smashed into fine noodles, adding sugar, and an appropriate amount of osmanthus and flour are mixed well, the dough is made with water and noodles, steamed into cakes in the upper drawer, and 50-100 grams of breakfast are served daily for 10-15 days.

Spleen and soothe the nerves, nourish yin and clear heat.

Applicable to heart yin deficiency, spleen weakness caused by consternation, suffocation, dry mouth and weak energy.

  (32) Honey Lily: 100 grams of fresh lily, 50 grams of honey, mix the lily, steam to make it soft, and often contain jujube and guts.

Can calm down and help sleep.

  (33) Wheat Lily Ground Soup: 30 grams of wheat, 15 grams of lily, 20 grams of ground, 15 grams of raw dragon teeth.

Wrap wheat cloth, and fry with lily, raw land, raw dragon teeth, and drink soup.

Take 1 dose daily for 7-10 days as a course of treatment.

It has the effect of nourishing the heart yin and calming the mind.

Applicable to the treatment of restlessness, upset and panic, dreaming and easy to wake up.

  (34) Baiziren tea: 15 grams of fried Baiziren.

Take 1 dose daily with tea.

Treatment of blood deficiency and palpitations, insomnia and night sweats.

After eating greasy, you can also consume it.

This side has a clear calming effect.

  (35) Lily honey: 50 grams of fresh lily, 10 grams of cypress, 25 grams of jujube kernel, 10 red dates, 2 spoons of honey.

Put cypress kernels, jujube kernels, and lilies into a casserole, fry them twice, add a large bowl to the slag, add jujube and an appropriate amount of water, burn for 30 minutes over low heat, add honey (honey food) and stir well.
1 dose per day for 5-7 days as a course of treatment.

It has the effect of nourishing the liver and nourishing the heart, soothing the nerves, and has good curative effect on the yin deficiency and fire type, and the palpitations and tinnitus.

  (36) Lily raw ground jujube soup: 45 grams of lily, 18 grams of raw land, 20 grams of jujube kernel, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Put the lily, raw land and jujube into the pot, fry them twice, remove the slag and juice into a large bowl, add the rock sugar and cook a little.

Take 1 dose daily for 7-10 days.

It has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing heart, calming and soothe the nerves.  (37) Walnut ginseng (ginseng food) soup: 25 grams of walnut kernels, 6 grams of dried ginseng, 3 slices of ginger, and sugar content.

Add walnuts, ginseng, and ginger into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for 1 bowl.

Remove ginseng and ginger, add rock sugar and simmer for a while.

1 dose daily, warm clothes before going to bed, even for 3-5 days as a course of treatment.

Can make up the temperature kidney, soothe peace of mind.

Patients with palpitations, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, dyspnea, spontaneous sweating, and lack of appetite, eat very well.

  (38) Sour jujube porridge: 100 grams of jujube kernels, 500 ml of water, grind and extract the juice and prepare 100 grams of rice before cooking. Porridge is ready to be cooked, and 50 grams of rehmannia juice is cooked.

Treatment of bone steam, upset can not sleep.

  (39) Jujube kernel powder: 50 grams of jujube kernel.

Stir fry to make it fragrant.

5 grams per serving, adjusted with bamboo leaf soup, regardless of time.

Governance due to biliary deficiency sleep and restlessness, and my heart was shocked.

  (40) Jujube bean paste bag: 50 grams of jujube kernel, 10 grams of ginseng, 500 grams of flour, 200 grams of red bean paste, 100 grams of sugar, and 25 grams of green and red silk.

Sautéed jujube and yellow ground powder, ginseng ground powder, red bean paste, sugar, and green and red silk are combined into a filling.

Add the yeast and flour to the dough, knead the dough and cut into 20 small doughs. Roll out the filling and steam for 15 minutes.

Replenish qi and soothe the nerves and treat insomnia.

  (41) Jujube and Danshen drink: 30 grams of Suanzaoren Jujube, 15 grams of Salvia miltiorrhiza, thickly fried with water, 1 dose daily, taken in the morning and evening, to treat insomnia.

  (42) Longan Jujube Drink: 10 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of fried jujube kernels, and 12 grams of coriander seeds.

The above three flavors are boiled into a juice, and its sweet and sour taste is palatable, which has the effect of nourishing the spleen and soothing the nerves.

Anyone who suffers from heart, spleen and blood deficiency, palpitations, palpitations, uneasiness, forgetfulness, fatigue, and nocturnal emission should drink it.

  (43) Jujube and bamboo congee: 20 grams of jujube kernel, 20 grams of jade bamboo, 6 grams of rush grass, 200 grams of glutinous rice.

First wrap the date kernel, jade bamboo and wicker with clean gauze, add it to the pot, cook the porridge with glutinous rice, remove the gauze bag, and you can eat the porridge.

The 4 flavors are cooked into porridge, which can play the functions of nourishing yin and clearing the fire, calming the nerves, and removing irritations. When taking it, you can add rock sugar.

  (44) Lotus core longan powder: 5 lotus seed cores, ground into fine powder, wrapped with 1 longan meat, or packed into an empty capsule, swallowed before bedtime.

Treatment of yin deficiency and fire-blooming type insomnia and more dreams, annoying hot mouth dry evidence.

  (45) Lotus core drink: 30 lotus cores, fried with water, seasoned with salt, and taken before bedtime.

  (46) Lotus core Cassia seed tea: 5 grams of lotus seed core, 10 grams of cassia seed, soak tea in water.

It can cure nausea caused by high blood pressure, and sleep (sleep food) disorders.

  (47) Milk drink: 150-200 ml of milk, boil, add an appropriate amount of sugar and mix well. Oral diet before warming up before going to bed.

Drinking milk before bedtime can make a person sleep soundly and deeply.

  (48) Milk jujube drink: Jujube 15 grams, skimmed milk powder 25 grams.

Wash the jujube, add water simmering soup, denucleate, about a cup of capacity, dissolve the skimmed milk powder, then boil it, and take it warm before going to sleep, which can play a role in calming sleep.

This is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly (senior food) intellectuals, and it is suitable for adolescent (juvenile food) students, which is beneficial to helping the elderly to sleep.

  (49) Bamboo shoot juice: 500 grams of raw bamboo shoots, washed with water, removed leaves, and left the slurry. Cut the lettuce into 2-3 cm segments, squeeze the juice, collect it in a cup, stir the slurry, and add sugar after mixing.Moderate, reconcile it.

  (50) Bai Ziren: Bai Ziren, sweet and flat.

There is nourishing and soothe the nerves, and the decoction effect of Runtang.

Can cure panic, insomnia, nocturnal emission, night sweats, constipation (constipation food) syndromes.

The “Book of Scriptures” refers to its “master trembling, safety of five internal organs, benefiting qi, and dehumidifying paralysis”.

  (51) Bai Ziren pig heart drink: 15 grams of Bai Ziren, 1 pig heart.

Wash the pig heart, cut it apart, add Bai Ziren to the pig heart, and then add the pig heart that has been added into the casserole, add the right amount of water, simmer in the heat and simmer until the pig heart is rotten.When eating, put some spices.

With the effect of nourishing the mind and soothe the nerves.

For palpitations, upsets and insomnia caused by yin deficiency and fire.

  (52) Pig Heart Congee: 1 pig heart, 100 grams of millet.

Cut the pork heart into filaments, put oil in the pan and stir fry, and millet for thin porridge, just add refined salt.

Replace rice with porridge, eat once in the morning and evening.

People with severe insomnia can eat a small bowl of pork heart porridge before going to sleep to help fall asleep.

  (53) Pig heart dipped in pearl powder: 2 pig hearts, 5 grams of pearl powder.

Wash the pig heart, simmer on low heat, add salt, and cook until the pork heart is cooked through.

Pig heart slices are dipped in pearl powder and eaten, divided into 4 portions, one morning and one evening.

One week is one course of treatment.

  (54) Pig Heart Jujube Soup: 1 pig heart and 10 jujubes.

Boil soup for seasoning.

Take once every 2-3 days, 7 times for 1 course of treatment.

Can nourish the heart and blood (blood tonic food).

Governance caused by blood deficiency.

  (55) Bamboo shoot pulp drink: Take an appropriate amount of bamboo shoots. After washing, collect the milky white slurry of stems, leaves, and skins. Dilute 1 cup of warm water with 1 tsp of this slurry and take it after diluting.

  (56) Millet porridge: Millet 30-50 grams, brown sugar amount.

Add water to make porridge.

It has the effects of nourishing the stomach, sleeping, and nourishing kidney qi.


Medicinal diet formula for treating dysmenorrhea by TCM classification

Medicinal diet formula for treating dysmenorrhea by TCM classification

Medicinal diet for treating dysmenorrhea is the combination of food and drugs for treating dysmenorrhea, which constitutes Jiamei’s food or is ingested by patients for consumption, thereby producing the effect of treating dysmenorrhea.

  A few points that dysmenorrhea patients should pay attention to when using medicated diet to treat disease: First of all, they must reasonably replace medicated diet according to the specific symptoms of the patient, in order to take a therapeutic effect, otherwise it will aggravate the condition and not conducive to rehabilitation.

Basically, you must master the dosage of meals. If you ignore meals and change your diet, eat as much as you can, and eat too much, but you will suffer. Once again, according to the physiological characteristics of menstruation, arrange and make different meals in stages.The use of medicated diet not only reflects the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine for treating diseases, but also prevents patients from eating a medicated diet, causing tediousness and excessive harm.

  (1) Qi stagnation and blood stasis type ① Motherwort boiled eggs: Motherwort 60 grams, Yuanhu 20 grams, 2 eggs.

Cook with water, peel and cook the eggs after they are cooked, and eat the eggs and soup after removing the residue.

3 before menstruation?
Start to use for 5 days, 7 days in a row.

  ② Radish Chenpi Porridge: 200 grams of white radish, 20 grams of Chenpi, flour and seasonings.

Eat as porridge.

  ③ Motherwort porridge: Motherwort (fresh product) 100 grams, 50 grams of previous rice, brown sugar amount.

Cooking porridge.

  ④ Distillers’ eggs: 6 eggs, 50 grams of distiller’s grains, Xiangfu, peach kernel, chuanxiong each 12 grams.

After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells and cook with the medicine for about 1 hour.

Use 3 days before menstruation, eat 1 egg in the morning and evening, and drink a small amount of soup.

  ⑤ Peach kernel cake: 50 grams of peach kernels, 20 grams each of chicken inner gold, brown skin, and Yuanhu.

It is finely divided and eaten with flour pancakes.

  (2) Cold and damp stagnation type ① Angelica lamb soup: 30 grams of angelica, 10 grams each of cinnamon, anise and Sichuan pepper, 200 grams of mutton.

Add water and cook at the same time, add the right amount of condiments after the meat is cooked, and eat the soup.

First 3?
Start to use for 5 days, 7 days in a row.

  ② Mugwort Fennel Eggs: Mugwort leaves, fennel 30 grams each, 2 eggs.

Add water to boil, remove the shells and cook the eggs after cooking.

3 before menstruation?
Consume 5 days, 1 week in a row.

  ③ Three pepper chicken: pepper, star anise, Sichuan pepper 10 grams each, chicken 200 grams, seasoning.

Eat chicken and soup after cooking the chicken.

  (3) Yang deficiency and internal cold type ① Osmanthus pork loin: 10 grams each of cinnamon and peppercorns, 6 grams of Morinda officinalis, 1 pair of pork loin, appropriate amount of condiments.

Add water and cook, then eat meat and soup after the meat is cooked.

  ② Anise sparrow soup: 10 grams each of anise, cumin, amomum, two sparrows, and appropriate seasoning.

Add water to simmer the soup and eat the soup.

  ③ Fu Guiwu egg soup: 10 grams of aconite, 6 grams of cinnamon, 5 grams of pepper, 2 black eggs, some kind of onion ginger.

Add the decoction to the eggs and season with salt.

  (4) Hot and humid betting type ① Portulaca porridge: 30 grams of dried Portulaca oleracea, the amount of rice.

A total of porridge to eat.

  ② Corn and Red Bean Porridge: Coix Seed, Red Bean, 50g each, Amomum 6g.

Eat after congee.

  ③ Fresh loquat soup: Fresh loquat, loofah, fresh dandelion, seasoning.

Make soup.
  ④ Clam meat winter melon soup: 500 grams of winter melon, 250 grams of river mussel meat, rice wine, green onion, ginger, salt, MSG amount.

Stew is eaten.

  ⑤ Er Cao Porridge: 30 grams of psyllium, plantain (fresh product), flour.
Make porridge to eat.

  (5) Insufficient qi and blood type ① Astragalus and longan chicken: 60 grams of astragalus and longan are each, 20 grams of Yuanhu, 1 hen, add water and cook, add seasoning when the meat is cooked, and eat soup with meat.

  ② Tremella soup: 30 grams of tremella, 20 jujubes, and an appropriate amount of lean pork.

Add boiled soup and serve after seasoning.

  ③ Stewed chicken astragalus gelatin: 250 grams of chicken, 30 grams of astragalus, 15 grams of gelatin, onions, ginger, and salt.

  ④ Guizhang mutton soup: 500 grams of mutton, 60 grams of angelica, 30 grams of astragalus, appropriate amount of condiments.

Eat together for soup.

  ⑤Mushroom and Pigeon Broth: 30g of mushrooms and 1 pigeon. After cooking, put condiments to eat.

  (6) Liver and kidney cancer type ① Chinese wolfberry and mulberry chicken soup: 20 grams of Chinese wolfberry and mulberry, 100 grams of chicken, and appropriate amount of condiments.

  ② Ligustrum lucidum stew: 10 grams of Ligustrum lucidum, 1 soft-shelled turtle, seasoning.

Ligustrum lucidum is cooked with soft-shelled turtles in a cloth bag and then served with condiments.

  ③ White Pigeon Turtle Soup: 1 white pigeon, 50 grams of soft-shelled turtle.


What are the characteristics of Chinese medicine for treating uterine cancer?

What are the characteristics of Chinese medicine for treating uterine cancer?

[Introduction]Patients with advanced uterine cancer need large-dose radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or chemotherapy for patients with complications, which can only lead to frail life and accelerate death.

The use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment often has good results, and the patient can also relieve pain.

  It can often be seen clinically that the cause of death of patients is not caused by the cancer itself, but is caused by unscientific and inappropriate killing treatment.

For example, liver cancer caused by liver failure such as ascites and jaundice after multiple interventions; death of lung failure caused by chemotherapy of lung cancer with pleural effusion; nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy of gastric cancer and bowel cancer; patients are increasingly exhausted and die;And death and so on.

For the treatment of advanced cancer, it is more important to reduce pain, improve the quality of life, control the condition, “strive for stability”, and defeat to obtain “long-term survival with tumors.”

  Treating cancer with Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine can alleviate the symptoms and pain of patients, improve the quality of life, prolong life, and reduce cancer mortality.

  Chinese herbal medicine treatment characteristics:Has a holistic concept.

Although a tumor grows in some parts of the body, it is actually a systemic disease.

For most cancer patients, local treatment cannot solve the problem of radical cure. Since Chinese medicine implements dialectical treatment based on the overall concept, it not only considers local treatment, but also adopts the method of rectifying pediatrics to improve the local symptoms of patients.And systemic conditions are important.

   2.It can recover the shortage of surgical treatment, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

Surgery can remove the cancer, but there are residual cancer, regional lymph node metastasis, or the presence of cancerous emboli in the blood vessels. Long-term treatment with traditional Chinese medicine can prevent recurrence and metastasis; radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment have effects on the digestive tract and hematopoietic systemFor considerable complications, the use of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine treatment can both reduce the replacement of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and enhance the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. For patients with advanced cancer or cannot surgery and radiotherapy, chemotherapy can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine.

   3.Does not affect labor.

Cancer patients have improved their local conditions while their overall conditions have improved.

  4.Anisotropy is small.


Test your insight

Test your insight

Have you ever seen a fairy tale when you were a kid, have you ever questioned its content?

In the fairy tale of “Little Girl Selling Matches”, which of the following are you most puzzled by?

  A: The little girl sells matches B: The little girl does not escape from her father C: No one helps the little girl D: No one buys a box of matches from her Results analysis: A: The poor child desperately needs money for Christmas.How did you sell matches?

In this festive and festive year, everyone is willing to buy extravagant things.

Selling matches at this time is stupid enough, isn’t it very uncoordinated?

Those who can express this point of view are very good at seeing people B: They are abused by their father who drinks alcohol at home, and they have to come out and make money to support him.

Does not leave his father, so he is constantly tortured and suffering.

Without the father’s clutches, you may be free from the sea of bitterness.

You trimmed the contradiction between the cause and the result, indicating that you have a calm analytical ability with other people’s words and deeds. C: It is strange that “no one helps the little girl”.

This also means that you look at people slightly worse.

Being upright is a good thing.

But you have no doubt that people ‘s hearts are completely collected. They have nothing to guard against, but it is not a good thing. D: Too anxious for appearance, realize that the result is more than the process.

What matters to you is the result, not the ingenuity.

In business, this may work.

However, your potential cheating score is 95 points, which is higher than the 6 points obtained through hard work and strength.


Flexible body shaping 4 simple gradient movements

Flexible body shaping 4 simple gradient movements

Regular and regular contraction exercises will help you reduce the damage caused by exercise and prevent muscle and bone stiffness and pain.

At the same time, it can increase your weight and help you adjust your posture and coordination of body parts while walking.

  The contraction exercise is right and wrong. Never contract cold muscles.

The best time for a contraction exercise is after walking.

If some part of your body needs to do step-by-step exercise before walking, then you should slowly do some warm-up exercises first.

Do gradual exercise slowly and gently. Do not use excessive force. Do not feel pain in your body.

If you feel pain, it means that you have done too much. At this time, you should quickly retract your movements and return to the movements before you do stepwise exercises.

Each contraction exercise lasts at least 30 seconds and then relaxes.

When you first do it, calculate the time for yourself and see if it lasts enough for 30 seconds.

If there is a problem somewhere, subdivide it twice.

Hold the key position for at least 30 seconds and relax before you start again.

  A thigh fracture (front of the thigh) represents your right arm. If you feel that your balance is not very good, you can also grab a chair with your right hand.

Grab your left foot with your left hand and slowly raise it to the front, preferably with your heels against your shoulders.

Left and right should be close to each other.

You will feel a stretch in the front part of the thigh.

Keep this action 20?
30 seconds, then do the other side.

  Calf fracture (the back of the calf) The left leg takes a big step backwards. Insert the steps as far as you feel comfortable, with the left heel on the ground.

Lean forward, bend your right knee, and place your hands on your right thigh.

Stick to 20?
30 seconds, redo the other leg.

There is another way to do a calf fracture, which is to extend forward as high as the shoulders, hold your hands against the wall, and separate your legs about 1 meter back and forth.

  Abdominal bone is straight (front side of calf), body is straight and straight, hands on hips or hips, right leg is folded on left leg, right paw of big foot touches the ground.

Bend your left leg gently, and it will drive your right calf to follow.

At this time you can feel the stretch of the right leg tibia.

Hold on to this move 20?
30 seconds, then redo on the other side.

  A hamstring fracture (the back of the thigh), the left leg is fractured one step forward, the heel is on the ground, and the toe points to the ceiling.

Bend your right knee, lean your upper body slightly forward, and raise your chest.

Stick to 20?
30 seconds, redo the other leg.

You will feel a stretch on the back of the thigh.


Don’t let inferiority ruin your life

Don’t let inferiority ruin your life

People who have low self-esteem always feel inferior to others. They look down on themselves. “I can’t”, “I have no hope”, “I will fail” and so on.

People with low self-esteem tend to have strong self-esteem, and conflicts between self-esteem and self-esteem often result in extremely impetuous psychology.

Everyone has the idea of inferiority, but do not let this dangerous idea dominate you, you must believe that you will overcome inferiority.

  In 1951, the Englishman Franklin found the spiral structure of DNA from the X-ray diffraction photograph of DNA (deoxynucleic acid) he took extremely clearly, and he also gave a lecture on the antique.

However, Franklin was suspicious of inferiority, always doubting the reliability of his argument, and later gave up his previous hypothesis.

But just two years later, Hawson and Crick also discovered the molecular structure of DNA from the photos and proposed the hypothesis of the double-helix structure of DNA.

The proposition of this hypothesis marked the beginning of the biological age, and thus won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1962.

If Franklin is a positive and confident person, firmly believes in his hypothesis, and continues to conduct in-depth research, this great discovery will always be recorded under his British name.

  Inferiority leads to failure, which is subsidiary.

So what exactly is inferiority?

  Inferiority is a negative self-evaluation or self-awareness.

An inferior person often underestimates his image, ability, and quality, and always compares his weaknesses with the strengths of others. He feels that he is not as good as others and conceals himself in front of others, thus losing self-confidence, pessimism, disappointment, and unwillingnessAnd even sink.

  Inferior people, the cerebral cortex is in a state of inhibition for a long time, but there is rarely a joyful and pleasant benign stimulus conversion, the central system is in a numb state, and the physiological functions of various organs in the body are not fully mobilized and cannot play their due role;At the same time, the function of the endocrine system also loses its normality, and harmful hormones are repeatedly increased; the immune system function is reduced, and the disease resistance is also reduced, which changes the human physiological process and various complications, such as headache,Weakness, worry, unresponsiveness, memory loss, loss of appetite, early white hair, cramped face, wrinkled skin, loose teeth, and low sexual performance.

In other words, inferiority, a harmful mentality that is not good for your health, develops your downhill path in your life and accelerates your aging process.

  There are various reasons for inferiority, but the main reasons are as follows: 1. Inadequate self-awareness and underestimating yourself.

  Everyone always knows himself through the mirror of others, and people always know their strengths and weaknesses based on how others evaluate themselves and how they compare to others.

If others make proper evaluations of themselves, especially those of more authoritative people, they will affect their own understanding of themselves, and they will underestimate themselves.

Psychologists have found that people who are more introverted are more willing to accept other people’s underestimates than others.

In the process of comparison with others, most introverts like to compare their own shortcomings with the strengths of others. Of course, the more they compare, the more they feel inferior to others, and the more discouraged they are, the more they feel inferior.

  2. Negative self-suggestions inhibit self-confidence.

  When everyone faces a new situation, they must first confirm their ability to cope.

Introverts often feel “I can’t” because of insufficient self-awareness. Because of such a negative self-suggestion before, they will inhibit self-confidence, increase tension, and generate a psychological burden. They are afraid to let go in their studies and interactions.If you open your hands and feet, you will limit your ability to work, and your work will be poor.

This result will form a negative feedback effect, affecting future behaviors, and intangibly confirm the negative self-awareness of the inferiority person, making the feeling of inferiority a fixed negative self-indication, thus creating a vicious circle.Makes inferiority worse.

  3. The impact of frustration.

  After confronting frustration, people may have various reactions, or resistance, or compromise, or stubbornness.

Some people become negatively pessimistic after violating certain setbacks, especially those with an introverted personality. Because of their high sensitivity and low tolerance, a slight frustration will give him a heavy blow and make him change.Inferiority.

  4. Physiological deficiency.

  Physiological defects have a significant effect on the psychological aspect.

If someone feels inferior because of short body or ugly appearance; some people have inferiority because of their physical disabilities.

  Due to the differences in temperament, cultural literacy, and living environment, everyone has a different temperament and personality.

But whether or not there is anyone, inferiority is an abnormal psychological activity and should be removed in time.

  1. Be wary of negative words Do you often use negative self-describing words?

Such as “I am like this”, “I am born like this”, “I cannot do it”, “I have no hope”, “I will fail” and so on.

If you always put these negative words in your mouth, it will only make you more inferior.

Change these sentences to “I used to be like this”, “I must make a change”, “I can do it”, “I can try it”, “This time I will succeed”, and always say to myself orWrite it down on the bedside and inlay in your room.

  2. Rehabilitate your weaknesses from another aspect. Everyone has many talents, and the needs and division of society are more diverse.

A person is deficient in this area and can seek development through intervention.

As long as you have a positive attitude, you can develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and turn some of your defects into a driving force for self-improvement. Maybe your defects will not only become your obstacles, but will also become your conditions for success.Because it guides you to pay more attention to the development direction of your choice, and promotes you to gain momentum beyond ordinary people and eventually become a superior person beyond defects.

  3. Prove your ability and value with actions. In fact, to see if a person has value, you do n’t need to think deeply or ask others. If someone needs you, you can, you can do things, you have value.

Therefore, you can choose one thing that you have the most certain facts to do first, and after doing so, find a goal.

In this way, every success will strengthen your self-confidence and weaken your sense of inferiority. A series of successful breakthroughs will consolidate your self-confidence.

  4. Understand yourself comprehensively, and evaluate yourself correctly. You should not hinder your interests, hobbies, abilities, and specialties, even if they are very subtle.

You will find that you have a lot of advantages, and you have a rational and objective attitude towards your weaknesses and the places that have been damaged.Lost hotbeds.

  5. Build a successful self-image from successful memories. When you doubt your ability and are undermined by your feelings of inferiority, you do not hinder the absorption of oxygen from past successful experiences to nourish your confidence.

Don’t indulge in memories of your failures, and get the image of failures out of your mind, because that is your unfriendly visitor.

Failure is by no means your main aspect, or the negative side that you happen to have, it is the small difference you make when you are not focused.

You should create more of your own success.

A succession of successes constitutes a successful figure.

It strongly suggests to you that you have decision-making and action skills and you can direct a successful life.

  6. Don’t always focus on your weaknesses and failures. Instead, focus your attention and transfer on the things that you are most concerned about and the ones that are best at it. The fun and sense of achievement you gain from it will enhance your confidence and dispel inferiorityShadows thus relieve your psychological stress and tension.

  7, with a smile against adversity Life is changing, and adversity will never be static.

Maybe today’s adversity will create future success. Adversity can hone our perseverance and allow us to think deeply about life.

At the same time, in the smile we can learn from the experience of failure and easily meet the next challenge.

You can tell yourself with a smile: “A failure cannot prove all failures. You must fail to give up trying.

“8. Give yourself a hope every day In this world, there are many things we can’t predict.

We cannot control the possibility, but we can control ourselves; we cannot predict the future, but we can grasp the present; we do not know how long our lives are, but we can arrange the present life; we cannot control the fickle weather,But you can adjust your mood.

Give yourself a hope every day, let your mood fly, and inferiority unknowingly goes with the wind.


Wonderful massage to tighten your fat face


Wonderful massage to tighten your fat face

Have you ever had such troubles?

The structure of the osteoarthritis of black people can’t be changed, but the subcutaneous sputum in the cheeks can be eliminated in a sly manner according to the massage of the acupoints.

Now teach you a fat face tightening massage method, so that your fat face does not leave regret!

And it can prevent wrinkles too!

銆€銆€Practice: The easiest way is to make your expressions rich and exercise your muscles.

For example: open the mouth, close the lips and other repeated actions.

After the age of 25, the leather cannot afford the extra muscles, so it is necessary to prevent the excess muscles by assisting.

At the same time, this can also prevent wrinkles.


After removing the excess meat from the cheeks and applying the massage cream, pull the excess meat in the part of the cheekbones and extend it.

Then the position slowly moves down to the nose.

One action lasts about 5 seconds and lasts for 1 minute.


Apparent wrinkles in the nasolabial folds, so that the smooth hands on the face are attached to the cheeks, focusing on smoothing the wrinkles of the nasolabial folds (fine lines of the nose), and the skin is pulled apart in the lateral direction.

The palm is pushed from the inside beyond to the outer contour for about 2-3 seconds.

Repeat for 1 minute.


After applying the massage cream to the excess meat on the cheeks, gently rub the skin with the fingertips facing upwards.

Push up from the humerus and perform a rubbing massage.

Move one by one slowly for 1 minute.


Tap the tibia with your fingertips and insert the eyelids. Tap the shins with your fingertips.

I feel refreshed when I go to the temple.

After the massage, apply evenly with a mixed lotion lotion.

銆€銆€Different from simple massage, you should apply a thin face cream before massaging your face, then step on the acupuncture point and massage.

The steps are as follows: 1.

Apply face cream and relax your face muscles.

Massage from the lower jaw to the ear, then massage the outside with the forehead as the center.

The method of massage around the eyes is to make a rotary massage from the nose to the corners of the eyes.


Press the clavicle depression with your palm or finger to stimulate the lymph.

If the nail is too long, use a “finger belly” to firmly press the depression of the collarbone. After 3 seconds, release your finger and do it 3 times in a row.


Use your thumb to lift the depression in the lower jaw.

The weight of the head is all supported by the thumb, that is, the head is lifted with the thumb, and each movement is 3 seconds, and the same is done 3 times.


Press the depression of the lower jaw upwards.

Press down the line of the face, let the lines of the face gradually clear, the action should be strong, but avoid the depression of the chin, do the same 3 times, each time for 3 seconds.銆€銆€5,

Gently stroke from the lower jaw to the ear.

From the lower jaw to the back of the ear, then from the sides of the nose to the depression under the cheekbones, and finally back to the ear, do a smooth massage back and forth, do 10 round trips.


Massage the forehead.

Use your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger to gently massage your forehead horizontally and do 10 back and forth to let your forehead stretch out.


The inner corner of the eye is pressed down with the thumb.

Press the inner corner of the eye tightly with your thumb to make the muscles of the eyelids firm, but pay attention to the eyes to relax, do 3 times, 3 seconds each time.


Gently etch from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye.

To tighten the eye area, be sure to press down through the bone line below the eye.

From the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye, block from the inside to the outside, do 3 times, 3 seconds each time.


Massage the eyelids before and after the brow.

The two eyebrows are gently pressed with the index finger. Insert the upper bone of the eye and massage it to the end of the eye.

Also do 3 times, 3 seconds each time.


Expert reveals-the secret to making your baby taller

Experts reveal: the secret to making your baby taller

Careful parents can compare the above rules, or compare with children of the same age, if they find that the children are significantly abnormal, or significantly lower than the average level of children of the same age, they should promptly go to the hospital (preferably a child endocrinology specialist) to consult relevant experts.

  Warm reminders of the five magic weapons for children to grow. Reasonable nutrition experts believe that among various environmental factors, the existence of reasonable nutrition is the most important and the basis for children’s growth and development.

Give your child more foods that consume protein, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus and other substances, such as milk, soy products, fish and shrimp, lean meat, poultry eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc., and add the right amount of cod liver oil to the child in a timely manner.And calcium is good for long people.

  Proper exercise is also one of the important factors to promote the growth of children.

Children strengthen physical activities, which can promote body metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, deliver more nutrients to the cartilage, make the epiphysis grow vigorously, and children naturally grow taller. Therefore, you should choose some activities that are relaxed, lively and free.Items such as swimming, dancing, gymnastics, badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc.

It is not advisable to do excessive weight-bearing and exhausting physical resistance items for a long time, such as weightlifting, dumbbell lifting, pull-ups, wrestling, long-distance running, etc.

  Sufficient sleep Sufficient sleep is another important factor that promotes the growth of children.

According to research, when children sleep, growth hormone secretion peaks, and the duration is shortened.

There are also statements in the folk that children “sleep well and grow tall”.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop good sleeping habits for children to make them sleep soundly.

  The length of sufficient sunlight also affects the development of children’s height. For example, the average height of adolescents in Chengdu and Sichuan is shorter because the area has only 1239 sunshine hours per year.

At 2 hours, the sunshine rate is only 28%.

Short sunlight, too little ultraviolet light can affect the smooth progress of ossification, and rickets in infants and young children can also be.

Therefore, the children should be properly basked in the sun, especially in winter and spring.

  Pleasant moods can also affect a child’s height.

If parents often scold, scold or scare their children, they will cause their children to be mentally contused, cause endocrine disorders, reduce growth hormones, and cause poor growth and development.

Therefore, parents must pay attention to maintaining a good mental state of the child, so that the child grows taller, replacement, low pillow + hard bed Wei Xiaoying () daughter is now in college, height 1.

75 meters.

The trick was that when she was a baby, I instructed her friends not to give her a pillow under the head, and let her sleep on a hard bed. This will help the spine to extend evenly. Until now she has become accustomed to low pillows.

  A sports teacher from a cadre in a certain department of Cai Zhixin’s male body once told me that hanging a horizontal bar can pull out long bone joints.

Since my son was two years old, I hung a bamboo pole on the door frame of my home. I helped the son to hang the pole with both hands. The countdown was 200 times a time. I persisted for several years.

88 meters.

  Milk + Egg Gao Xin, a female university teacher, we are not tall parents, but my son is now in a senior year and is 1.

88 meters.
My approach is that from the age of two, the child is guaranteed to drink two bags of milk and two tea eggs each day, which has accumulated a material basis for his bone development.

  Swimming + Touching Sports Fu Yanping (female university student) I have been accompanied by my parents to participate in training sessions with my swimming team since I was 4 years old.

74 meters has nothing to do with these, in fact my parents are not tall.

  Qu Shenquan Wang Meiying (editor of a certain magazine) My height is 1.

73 meters, not tall, but listening to my parents, when I was young, they let me lie flat on the bed and grabbed the iron on the head of the bed every day. They just pulled my feet up and stretched hundreds of times.Stretched out!

  Jumping meter Li Hongqi (sports coach of a male school) If you want to increase your child’s height, you must start from a young age. Doing more bouncing and stretching exercises can improve the elasticity of muscle ligaments and promote bone growth. However, you must keep in mind that you must not exercise too much.Affects the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone.

  Good appetite + high jump Xi Junjian (male company security cadre) My family is 1 tall.

At 92 meters, the child has a good appetite since childhood. He is not picky eaters. He loves various sports activities. He has participated in provincial and municipal youth sports games many times from elementary school, junior high school, and high school. He has won the second runner-up and shot championship.

I think adolescent exercise is essential for children’s growth.

  Nutrition + exercise Gao Yunfeng (manager of a business company) My son’s current height is 1.

93 meters.

A friend at home and abroad once told me: milk + eggs + jumping = the secret of growing tall.

When my son was very young, we did n’t limit the amount of eggs we could eat every day. One pound of milk could not be beaten by thunder, and we would urge him to do rope skipping and some touch-up exercises every day.

Children go to elementary school and junior high school, high school has always been the backbone of the school sports team, playing basketball and long-distance running are their strengths.