Postpartum thin abdomen restores skin elasticity of the abdomen


Postpartum thin abdomen restores skin elasticity of the abdomen

As the baby fell to the ground, Mommy’s hanging hearts fell.

銆€銆€Examine yourself, the original slim figure is gone.

I saw the lower toes, not the toes of my own.

銆€銆€Most postpartum moms, on the first day, look like a 5 month pregnancy, because the uterus is still inflated and not fully recovered.

After 3-18 months, the uterus will gradually recover.

銆€銆€However, due to the growth and development of the fetus in the uterus, the abdominal wall muscles are excessively elongated and fractured, the muscle elasticity is substantially reduced, and the abdominal muscles are displaced very seriously. If the muscles are not exercised, the elasticity of the abdominal wall muscles cannot be restored, in order to restore the body shape.Better, the simplest, most economical, and best effect, body shape recovery strategy without any complications, is to exercise the abdominal muscles as soon as possible after childbirth.

銆€銆€From the medical point of view, there is no medical reason for doing exercises. It is entirely out of your own intentions. As long as the body allows, you can start doing it one or two days after giving birth.

Early exercise of abdominal muscles can restore abdominal muscles to their former elasticity as soon as possible.


On the back of the bed, the two knees flexed, the two feet were placed flat on the bed, the two hands were placed on the abdomen, and the deep breathing exercise was carried out.


Lying on the back of the bed, holding the back of the head with both hands, the chest and abdomen are slightly raised, and the legs are stretched up and down alternately, from small to large, from slow to fast, even for about 50 times.


On the back of the bed, hold the bed rails with both hands, the legs are warped upwards, the knees should not be bent, the toes should be straight, the angle between the legs and the body should reach 90 degrees, and then stop and then stop for a while, then repeatUntil the abdomen is sour.


Put both hands on the inside of the body, step on the support bed, flex the knees, and press the two feet on the bed, tilt forward and lift up, lift and stop, fall for 4 seconds, rest for a while and then lift.


The hands are placed on the sides of the body, the legs are trying to warp upwards, and the two legs are turned like a pedal bicycle until the legs are sour.


Standing on the edge of the bed, holding the bed with both hands, the two feet are pulled back, the body is in a straight line, the two forearms are flexed, and the body is pressed down. After stopping for two or three seconds, the two forearms are straight and the body is up, so repeated 5-15 times.


One leg stands on the ground, supporting the weight of the whole body, the other leg is bent and lifted, and then the legs that support the body are continuously bouncing, each time 20-30, the two legs alternate until the legs are sour.


Kneeling on the bed, hands on the bed, slightly pressed down, a few years of contraction, while taking a deep breath.

Then put the chest up, force the stomach, and exhale deeply, and practice 5-10 times each time after getting up and before going to bed.


Sit-ups must be done by everyone, this is also an excellent exercise for exercising abdominal muscles, doing 5-10 times a day.

銆€銆€Doing aerobics must be sustained in order to be effective.

Use force every time you do it, and do your homework.

When doing it, you should be able to understand that the muscles are grading and contracting forcefully.

銆€銆€*Love Tip: The initial implanted body organs after childbirth have not been restored, do not be too tired to do exercises, so as not to get physically injured.

銆€銆€Postpartum abdomen five-step waist massage with slimming cream is best with the correct massage gestures, it will have a multiplier effect, because massage is not only passive exercise, but also helps detoxification, lymphatic, edema and slight disappearance.

銆€銆€Step1 clockwise on the abdomen, step on the navel.

銆€銆€Step2 is pressed in the same position with the fingertips in a rotating manner.

銆€銆€Step3 pushes the outside from the outside with the hands on the waist side.

銆€銆€Step4 uses both hands to make a fist and push the abdomen from the outside to the inside.

銆€銆€Step5 pushes down from the navel position with your fingertips.


Home is brighter and healthier


Home is brighter and healthier

Everyone wants to have a spacious living room and more freedom and comfort. How can we make the living room close to brighter? See below for details: 1.

Use your brain on your furniture.

A selection of modular furniture saves space and allows for the storage of enlarged items.

The color of the furniture can be used with the color of the wall to make the room space feel new.

Selecting a multi-purpose piece of furniture, or folding furniture, or low-rise furniture, or appropriately reducing the proportion of furniture in the entire room, will create a feeling of expanding the space.


Use color matching to increase the sense of spaciousness.

White can be used as the main decorative color, walls, ceilings, and furniture are all white, with a slightly lighter pattern.

The daily necessities can also be selected in light colors, instead of using a light color to create a wide-bodied effect.

Appropriate use of some bright green, yellow, can make the effect of wide sense better.


Use the mirror to create a sense of spaciousness.

The mirror screen is used as the interval between the rooms, reflecting from both directions, and the sense of spaciousness is enhanced.

In the window facing the window indoors, a mirror of appropriate size is mounted. Once reflected, the interior is bright and bright, and two windows are displayed.

The sense of broadness has increased greatly.


Use lighting to create a sense of spaciousness.

Indirect lighting is not very bright, but it can produce a sense of spaciousness, and some dark parts will make people think of another space.


The unity of the interior creates a sense of spaciousness.

Use the cupboard to collect the messy objects, the decoration color has the main and the times, the sense of unity is obvious, it seems that the room is wide.


Making fish with ginger and eating more chicken with garlic


Making fish with ginger and eating more chicken with garlic

The seasonings used in cooking are varied, but the onions, ginger, garlic, and peppers are often indispensable. Some people should put a little bit of food, but they don’t know that they are also used for different foods.Different, should be focused on cooking.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鑲夌被 鑺辨鍘荤嚗寮€鑳冦€€銆€鑺辨鏈夊仴鑳冦€侀櫎婀裤€佽В鑵ョ殑鍔熸晥锛屽彲闄ゅ幓鍚勭鑲夌被鐨勮叆鑷婅嚟姘旓紝骞朵笖淇冭繘鍞炬恫鍒嗘硨锛屽杩涢娆层€俆here are many ways to use fried pepper. It can be added when pickling meat. It can also be fried during cooking, and it can be converted into a unique sesame. You can also use pepper powder, pepper salt, pepper oil and so on.

However, pepper is a warm food, cooking lamb, dog meat should be less.

銆€銆€The fish has a strong taste of the fish, and it is cold, and the ginger is warm, which can alleviate the coldness of the fish, and can also relieve the phlegm and increase the umami taste of the fish.

Usually, ginger is suitable for slicing, used for stewing, braising, roasting, boiling, braising, etc.; the new ginger is light in taste, suitable for shredding, and can be used as ingredients for cold dishes.

However, ginger is a kind of warm food, and it should be put less when cooking fish, squid and other warm fish.

銆€銆€Shellfish green onions to prevent allergic green onions can alleviate the coldness of shellfish, can avoid allergic symptoms such as cough and abdominal pain after eating shellfish.

Shallots are more suitable for cooking aquatic products, eggs and animal guts, which can remove astringent taste.

銆€銆€Poultry meat garlic sterilizing and dissolving garlic can enhance the taste and reset the aroma of poultry meat to play more fully.

In addition, the sterilization and detoxification of garlic can inhibit certain inhibitory effects on bacteria or viruses in poultry meat.

The concentration of raw garlic can be chopped and chopped after the food is cooked.


Health Place – Lingjing Temple


Health Place – Lingjing Temple

Lingjing Temple is located at the foot of Nantai, Wutai Mountain. Lingjing Village is named after Lingjing Temple.

At least in the mountains and mountains of the mountains and rivers, the springs are flowing all the year round. The wild mushrooms on the surrounding mountains are extremely precious. They benefit from excellent natural environment, soil and climate, and the quality of local crops is excellent. It has a good reputation in Wutai Mountain and has a vegetarian diet.The buckwheat that Wang Mei called is grown here.

Lingjing Temple is located in the mountains and rivers, and the land of Dafu and Dasheng is the spiritual environment for spiritual practice and the prosperity of ancient Buddhist agriculture.

The name of the spiritual environment is the meaning of the fairyland. The ancients believed that this place is a rare place in the Wutai Mountain, which is conducive to spiritual practice and retreat.

In the present case, the earth’s magnetic field and the natural gas field are different from each other, and the place is full of energy.

Lingjing Temple is one of the top ten green temples in Wutai Mountain. It was originally called 鈥淛inhe Temple鈥?Wei Wendi (471-499). When the Daxing Civil Engineering was built into the 鈥淕olden River Temple鈥? the incense was flourishing and the sorghum gathered, and 鈥淭he Secret Yuantong became a Buddha’s Heart鈥漁ut of this temple.

Before the temple opened, Manjusri Bodhisattva had a local temple to build a temple, and there were poems: “Nantai Jin rust Zhixian Mountain, ancient wood ginseng scent, Wenshu shadow to inform the farmer, pointing to the magical method.”



How to maintain the diet tips for office white-collar workers to help you keep healthy


How to maintain the diet tips for office white-collar workers to help you keep healthy

Soft persimmons Anti-fatigue and fatigue The hard-working manual workers have the potential to eat more large persimmons.

Because fatigue is in most cases because of the accumulation of sputum, and the persimmon word 绀?閿?contains a lot of iron (iron food) elements, especially dark red, very soft persimmon, can stimulate the production of hemoglobinHelps fight fatigue.

The orange exhaust oranges help the driver who regularly inhales the exhaust to remove toxins from the body.

Athletes love pineapple and pineapple have anti-inflammatory food and swelling effect, can improve blood circulation, promote the recovery of tendon growth and trauma.

Bananas can ease the mood of bananas to make the waiter’s attitude toward consumers better – it can ease tension, improve work efficiency and reduce fatigue.

Kiwifruit improves immunity. Older people and children can eat more kiwifruit.

Because its vitamin C content is a double of oranges, it can better improve the resistance and avoid infection.

In addition, grapes (grape food) have a sputum effect, you can eat when coughing, but diabetics should not eat.

Mango anti-wrinkle mango is rich in carotene beta and unique enzymes, which can make the skin elastic and delay wrinkles, which is most suitable for women who love beauty.

Tomato antioxidant tomato is rich in vitamin C and lycopene. Lycopene has anti-oxidation effect that other fruits can’t match, and it can effectively prevent cancer, male prostatitis and other diseases, and still have a cosmetic effect.

Suitable for IT, office workers, drivers, middle-aged and other people.

In the morning, a cup of green tea and green tea contains powerful antioxidants and vitamin C. It not only removes free radicals from the body, but also secretes hormones that resist stress.

A small amount of caffeine contained in green tea stimulates the central nervous system and energizes.

Also because of the script amnesty, we recommend combining green tea in the morning to avoid affecting sleep.

At noon, a cup of chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum has the function of clearing the liver and clearing the liver, or participating in honey in chrysanthemum tea, all of which are helpful for relieving depression.

In the evening – a cup of cassia tea in the evening with a cup of cassia tea.

Cassia has heat, eyesight, brain, and bones. If people with constipation can eat after dinner, it is very fruitful for treating constipation.


Today’s cold dew, how to drink tea to maintain health?


Today’s cold dew, how to drink tea to maintain health?

The cold dew is the seventeenth solar term in the 24th solar terms of the lunar calendar and belongs to the fifth solar term in the fall.

“The seventy-two monthly set solution” said: “September, the cold is cold, it will condense.

“Cold dew means that the temperature is alkaline compared to the white dew, the dew on the ground is colder, and it is about to condense into frost.”

White dew, cold dew, and frosty three solar terms all indicate condensation, while cold dew is the transition from cool to cold.

Three waiting cold dew is divided into three waiting: “One waiting for the swan geese; the second waiting for the big water for the scorpion; the three waiting for the daisy with Huang Hua.

“Awaiting the arrival of the swan geese to the Qiuqiu first to the main, after the fall of the autumn to the guest.

“General Book” is coming to the shore.

Bin, the water is also the same.

At the beginning of the white dew, the geese moved southward and became a beautiful piece of work on the big paper of the sky.

At this time, the Hongyan, which moved south, should be the last batch. The ancients called the latter to be 鈥渂in鈥? so it was called 鈥淗ongyan Guest鈥?

The two birds are in the water, the birds are also the birds, the birds are also different, this is the yellow bird.

Big water, sea also, “Mandarin” cloud: the bird into the sea as a beggar.

Cover the cold and serious, and enter the sea.

It turned into a cockroach, and this fly was turned into a potential.

Hey, hey, this little one too.

The weather is cold and the birds are hiding. The ancients thought that the cockroaches on the beach were changed by the disappearing birds.

Birds into the sea turned into cockroaches, flying objects into potentials, which is a statement that the ancients perceive the cold wind.

Sanhouju has Huanghua grass and wood all in Huayang, and Dujuhua is in Yin. It is said that there are no peaches in Taohua, but the ones in Dujuyan are also in the season.

In the deep autumn cold season, chrysanthemums are generally open.

“Hua” is a flower, flowers and trees are all flowering due to yang, and the unique chrysanthemums bloom because of yin, and their color should be in the late autumn.

Cold dew.

At this point, the night begins to grow, and the beginning is short.

In the September section, the dew condensation, the lotus is the clothes, and the eyes are sent to the autumn.

Woody citron, chrysanthemum cold dew.

Furong is cold, jade pears fall, leaves are yellow, and autumn water is getting old.

It is unforgettable. When the rain is closed, the Xiting is sent to the place.

The order of the yang is bad, and the festival is poor.

Only left, half acre of desolate, smoke and water, long autumn night, now where to call home.

At this time, the focus of health care is to nourish Yin and prevent dryness, and to moisten the lungs and stomach.

After the cold dew, the evil spirits are ordered, and the chilling gas is obvious.

Although the cold dew is cold, the climate is the biggest hot season of the year. Before and after the cold dew is the best time for the autumn food tonic, the symptom can be treated, if it is eaten, it will hurt the atmosphere.

The ancients took almonds for raw food, which can promote blood, cure fever, and dissipate heat.

In addition to the raw food three wonderful, Zuo cuisine can stop bleeding, clear the lungs, is the first food in autumn.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” mentioned that lotus seeds are flat and warm, but only Qingxin lotus seeds are used for heat. Lotus seeds are the mother of vitality. When autumn is dry, it can be eaten to nourish heart and lungs.

Although the lotus core is bitter, it has the heat to remove the annoyance, and the effect of soothe the nerves. If a pair of foods is served, it will complement each other.

According to the specific circumstances of the individual, appropriate foods that are more sweet, light and moist, can not only tonify the spleen and stomach, but also raise the lungs and intestines, can cough dry mouth and other symptoms.

Fruits include pears, persimmons, bananas, etc.; vegetables include carrots, melon, alfalfa, white fungus, etc. and beans, fungi, kelp, seaweed, etc.

Breakfast should eat warm food, it is best to drink hot porridge, because the previous rice, glutinous rice separated very good spleen and stomach, supplement the role of gas, such as sugar cane porridge, Yuzhu porridge, sand porridge, raw porridge, Huang Jing porridge.Middle-aged and chronic patients should eat more red dates, lotus seeds, yam, duck, fish, meat and other foods.

At this time, although the group has fallen, Qiuju is just right.

When the sweet-scented osmanthus is over, it is a chrysanthemum. The “season of the autumn season, the chrysanthemum has Huanghua” is confirmed in the book of Rites.

The traditional chrysanthemum has long been a symbol of the wind and the culture, both the resources are very rich, but also the best for meals.

Qu Yuan wrote in “Li Sao” that “the evening meal of the autumn chrysanthemum falls in the English”, it sounds like a flavor, in reality, it seems like a big appetite.

When the chrysanthemum hot pot of Beijing 鈥淭ongheju鈥?was moved to Beijing, it was used as a soup base by the chrysanthemum and the broth hanging from the ribs, and the flower petals were pure white, so there was no bitterness.

The finished product is fresh but not greasy, pure as water, no wonder that the Empress Dowager Cixi is also unable to stop.

In addition, chrysanthemum is also fried with fish fillets, or add rock sugar lotus seeds and porridge.

The chrysanthemum brain that Nanjing people like to eat on spring is also a kind of wild chrysanthemum, but the edible part is not the flower, but the tender stem and leaf beat the egg soup, the fragrance is delicious, not to mention.

Compared with the general herbal tea, chrysanthemum tea has always been known for its elegant and transparent taste and clear fire effect. Adding honey or rock sugar is more moisturizing, and it is one of the best drinks for autumn.

There are special types of tea in chrysanthemums, most of which are known as Chrysanthemum and Huizhou Gongju.

The former is native to Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province. It is steamed and dried to form a chrysanthemum cake. The brown color is slightly sweet. In addition, it comes from Huangshan Mountain in Anhui Province. It is directly dried by fresh chrysanthemums. It has a rich taste and is bitter.

The flower bud that is not opened in the white chrysanthemum is called 鈥渇etal chrysanthemum鈥? and the first batch of pickers has the best quality at the end of October, and it is the top grade in chrysanthemum tea.

In recent years, Jiangxi Xiushui Jinsiju, Wuyuan Xiaoqiju is also famous.

Tea Encyclopedia has been processing and recommending the golden silk emerald for four consecutive years. To start the production of the new season, the world will continue to recommend it to friends for tasting.

The poetry is elegant, the left river is high, the sky is high, the night is cold, and the vegetation is drooping.

You can enjoy the scent of the spleen and intestines.

The pool is white and easy to cool, and the cold is exposed.

The blue flower is white, and the lotus leaf is still green.

Independent sand crane, double flying water and fire.

If it is a rare place to fall, it is still waking up.

Hanlu Weikai cold tree stalk, exposed dew in the water.

Shallow wells in the moon, Jingqiu knows the horizon.

On the moonlit night, see the cold dew on the leaves of the phoenix tree, wearing Xiao Xiaotong Tong, the moon white dew.

The drip is full of light, and the fluorescein is cold.

The wind shakes the jade and falls, and the branches move with the beads.

The air is cold and the autumn night is late.

Condensed the flow of desire, the moisture should be seen.

I don’t feel bored, it’s harder to get together.

On August 19th, the trial court of Meng Chongqing, Wang Anshi, had a long autumn, and the cold was in the clothes.

The noisy language has become a city, and the day has not arrived in Fusang.

Yonghuai is a good dream, and the jade color is like a happy face.

After the counter-intelligence, there should be no separation.

The defeat of the map, Tang Yanfei, called the shaking class, and Noda Han’s desire to form a group.

Mo Yan is always a brother, and the flesh is now cold-eyed.

At the sea, Xiao Li is alone and the hurricane cuts the grass, and the cold dew is knotted day and night.

Going to the hustle and bustle, returning to the shackles.

See the Wanli in the tower, and look forward to Liaoyu.

The vast sea into the wilderness, the poor and the poor.

The old country is dreaming, so the people are hustle and bustle.During the period of the wind and the wind, it will become a rain.

Haixi Wangjingkou, the end of the two places.

Suojing moved through the autumn, and then laughed at the moon.

Looking south and south, I saw the birds disappear.

The sound dust is not easy to get, why is it thirsty?

In the autumn, look at the Xiyang Liuyu ancient wood and many layers of moss, and the pedestrians will see the situation increase.

Under the Taihang Mountains, the Yellow River water, Tongquetai Xiwu Emperor Mausoleum.

The wind enters the autumn and the autumn is moving.

Wildflowers are like red tears, and the cold is full of branches.

Who will get the Sansheng stone repairs, and every time you come.

One is not available, and where is the third.

Clear and cold dew drops, white wild clouds.

It should be a psychic, and everything can be guessed.

Early in the Li Weiye shop Xinghe, the pedestrian road is long.

Lonely light pity, the slanting moon is tired of new clothes.

The grass is cold and the insects sound like hometown.

In the autumn, there is no limit to hate,

When I first arrived at the Lusong Villa, the Song of the Song asked for a poor sense of clothing.

Returning to the fun of the people, the Japanese-style autumn piano leisure.

The cold dew is dying, and the setting sun breaks through the mountains.

The ancient songs step by step, the birds are still with me.

And Wang Tuoqiu night thoughts Lu Luan neighboring the South Xuan night.

I am well aware of it.

Changhe Luoyanyuan, the whale pool under the moon.

Fengtai has a clear song.

Who is blowing?

The jade teeth between the lips of the Dan, the sound of the sound into the end of the cloud.

The autumn leaves of the poor lanes, the empty courts and cold branches.

If you want to have a peace of mind, the star will have to hang.

Mu Furong Han Yu opened the cold dew cluster, far more red than the water.

The bright colors are quite different from each other.

The river was officially late, and the elm was hollowed out.

I am willing to look at it with diligence.

On the night of August 15th, Taoyuan played in the moon, and Liu Xinxi’s dust was seen in the heart of the moon.

Condensed and chilled, it stands at the highest mountain.

There is no cloud in the sky, and the mountain is on the Changsong Mountain.

The group moves in a daze, and the sky is high.

Shaojun leads me to the jade altar, and the courtesy of the court is really a fairy.

The clouds are going to move under the stars, and Tianle’s muscles are cold.

Jin Xia gradually went east, and the rims and shadows urged them.It’s hard to be in a good time, and he should be jealous this year.

In the border town, Li Xian used the corner of the building to draw a picture, and the cold dew drops the golden gun.

Finely lead the cloud into a line, high rushing geese.

Call back to the side of the dream, blowing a thin dawn.

Unfinished military ambitions, He Ruth’s hometown.

The title friend Zhu Cong Li Xian Xian with chrysanthemum cold dew thick, Lan Xiao Xiao frost heavy.

The scorpion does not live forever.

An Ru Zhi Cong, he is waiting for Qi Feng.

The big dragon rides, and the small one can be used for fishing.

Staying with smoke is a wake-up call.

Why not snow, but for the wind.

It is the heart of the child, not the common people.

Fenghe Xing Sanhui Temple should be established in Zhengyi Birds and the New Pavilion, and Long Banner will visit Gutai.

Make a book and go to the emperor.

Looking at the mountains and rivers, you can see the universe.

The Sanskrit is stationed in the temple, and the Tianbu takes the cup.

The old court passed the cold dew, and the residual pool asked for ash.

The scattered flowers will hold the day, and the joy will be holy.

The two sacred words of Su Shi Yu Guan are long-lasting.

Cold dew wet moss, don’t come to the autumn.

People sit in the brothel night, when the slang is full of flowers.

Many people are easy to be old, and the broken intestines do not know.

Fang Shu Shen made a haircut about Jiuhua.

Open the side of the cold dew.

It’s not a fragrance.

Many different colors.

Staying in the cold.

The battle is unrecognizable.

The frost and snow are crossing.

Long sigh.

The flower travels Li Hechun Liu Nan is in a state of silence, cold flowers and cold appearance.

Outside the drunken city, Yan Jing concentrated his eyebrows.

The smoke is heavy and the car is covered with red oil.

The dance skirt is not warm, and the wine is late.

How to drink tea after cold dew?

As the weather turns cold, the body’s physiological function began to decline, a lot of people body cold, cold hands and feet and other phenomena occur.

At this time, a cup of warm fragrant black tea, dried tangerine peel Pu’er tea, black tea, some ripe Pu’er tea, six Fort tea, black tea, etc. An appropriate.

In particular years old Chen of white tea, rock tea every year, every year the Phoenix single cluster, following year-old black tea is the most beautiful.

Adhere to the rational consumption of tea, you can warm and nourish the physiology, and there is no disturbance of the fire, killing the body, warming the body, nourishing the stomach, helping the digest, preventing colds and other diseases.


Osamu time, health, should eat warm food, keep exercising


Osamu time, health, should eat warm food, keep exercising

Osamu is the 23rd solar terms in the 24 solar terms of the year. It begins on January 5 or 6 of each year when the sun reaches 285 degrees of the Yellow River.

It is the same as the Great Cold, the Little Summer, the Great Summer and the Summer. It is a solar term that indicates the change of high temperature and warmth.

Osamu means that the weather is already very cold. Most of the rest of the region is generally the coldest period during the cold and cold periods. When the “灏忓瘨” is over, it will enter the “three days” of “going out on the ice.”

As the coldest season of the year, Xiaohan is a yin and evil, and it is easy to hurt the body’s yang.

The basic principle of Xiaohan Health is still the one in the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”: “Spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter Yangyin.

“Whenever things are collected in winter, the health care should conform to the trend of natural collection, collect the essence of Yin, make the essence of cohesion, to run the five internal organs.

In this solar terms, people with high blood pressure and high blood pressure often get worse, and those who suffer from “stroke” increase.

Chinese medicine believes that the blood in the human body is easy to flow when it is warm, and it is easy to stagnate when it gets cold. The so-called “blood is cold and condensed”, which is the truth.

Therefore, warm work must be done well, especially the elderly.

People often say that “cold is in the 39th, the heat is in the three volts”, the coldest solar terms are also the most prosperous period of yin and evil. From the perspective of diet and health, pay special attention to eating more warm food in the daily diet to replenish the body and defend.Cold weather attacks on the human body.

Life is movement.

The folk song also said: “When the winter moves, it is less troublesome; in the winter, lazy, lazy, drink a bowl of medicine.

“This illustrates the nature of winter exercise.

People who are good at health care should insist on physical exercise in the winter to obtain the functions of nourishing the liver and tonifying the kidney, relaxing the muscles and collaterals, and ventilating the veins to enhance their own resistance.

For example, yoga, Tai Chi, walking, jogging, skipping, kicking, playing, doing exercises, practicing boxing and dancing, etc. are all suitable for winter exercise.

Keep warm during winter exercise to prevent colds.

In the spirit, you should be calm and careless, be optimistic, not worry about trivial matters, peace of mind, and add fun.

In winter, it is often caries, beneficial to the kidneys, and the work of strengthening the kidneys; the meridians of the kidneys originate from the feet, and the foot of the Yongquan points is the main point. It is best to use hot water to soak your feet before going to bed at night, and press the feet;In the state of “yin and yang yang”, it is advisable to carry out “sunbathing” to help the yang in the kidney to rise; pay attention to the back to keep warm, and wear a cotton or wool vest to protect the kidney.


Good sleep can stay away from summer emotional psychosis


Good sleep can stay away from summer emotional psychosis

In the boring and hot weather in the summer, you should open the window and ventilate for a short time in the evening. When the boiling temperature is high at noon, close the doors and windows, pull up the curtains, use fans, air conditioners, etc. if necessary.Create a cool environment, people are quiet and calm.

Reduce work stress, try to eat light, digestible food, drink green tea and boiled water; don’t sleep too late, people who are prone to insomnia can try to drink half a cup of milk before going to bed; use radish, meat and bone soup to improve depression and help sleep.
銆€銆€Summer nights are hot and hot, and many people can’t sleep well. It is very uncomfortable to stay on the bed and turn to the opposite side.

If you reduce your sleep time, you will often feel bad.

“Actually, summer sleeps less than one hour in other seasons. No problem, just pay attention, do not sleep more than 12 o’clock in the evening.

Xu Liang, deputy director of internal medicine at Shanghai Chinese Medicine Hospital, pointed out.

銆€銆€The characteristic of summer is that the night is short, the person sleeps early and gets up early, and the sleep time changes relatively. It is in line with the principle of natural health.

Dr. Xu Liang said: “The weather is too hot, it is not easy to fall asleep. It is about half an hour shorter than usual, and it is still in normal time, or even half an hour early, has no effect on health.

“But you can’t insert sleep time or stay up late.

“Outdated and not waiting” is the characteristic of people’s sleep. If you don’t fall asleep when you are sleepy, it will be difficult to get into sleep or even sleeplessness after the best time.

銆€銆€Dr. Xu suggested that sleeping in the summer night should exceed 12 o’clock.

The person advocated by Chinese medicine practitioners must sleep at noon. The child is 11:00 to 1 am the next day, and the afternoon is 11:00 to 13:00 during the day. If the elderly can take a nap every day at noon, there is a certain amount of health.

銆€銆€In summer, you should pay special attention to nap.

At noon in the summer, the sun is shining, the most likely to cause people to hurt the summer, coupled with the short summer day, more need to add a white nap to eliminate fatigue, supplement benefits.

It is advisable to take a nap within half an hour.

銆€銆€Recognized summer sleep regimen, dietary problems have also been replaced.

Summer diet should be light, less greasy and easy to digest.

When the summer heat is ordered, sweat out of the body, add some drinks to help the body to distribute the transformation.

Supplementing water, salt and vitamins can synergize with heat and heat.

Such as watermelon, mung bean, lily, etc., all have a good heat and heat, spleen and nourishing effect.

Don’t just look at the moment, eat cold drinks, damage the spleen and stomach, and the boots interfere with sleep.


Don’t drink the wrong tea, hurt and get wet


Don’t drink the wrong tea, hurt and get wet

Tea is the national drink. In the whole world, the one thing that China must mention is definitely tea.

Tea is both a drink and a means of health.

Legend has it that Shennong Day has tasted a hundred poisons, resulting in toxic rejection and falling to the ground.

At this time, there was a small tree around, the leaves were fragrant, so he ate a few leaves, and the toxicity was solved.

This little tree is a tea tree.

Therefore, since ancient times, there has been a saying that “tea is a hundred drugs.”

銆€銆€I have a friend who especially likes to drink tea. I have time after retirement. Especially after he read a lot of books that can be used for health, it is necessary to have tea.

However, drinking every second, not only does not have the feeling of being refreshed by other tea friends, but often feels uncomfortable.

What is the reason for this?

Is it that my body is not suitable for drinking tea?

It turned out that his favorite tea is Longjing and Tieguanyin, and the taste is very heavy, so it is very thick.

Longjing is green tea, Tieguanyin is oolong tea, these two kinds of tea are cold, if you always drink these two kinds of strong tea, especially for the elderly, it will hurt the spleen, the spleen will naturally get wet.

銆€銆€So, how to drink tea is healthy?

銆€銆€First, it is necessary to divide the season: in spring and summer, you can drink a little green tea and oolong tea, which can play a role in clearing heat and relieving heat.

In autumn and winter, it is suitable for drinking a little black tea or Pu’er tea. These two kinds of tea are warm in nature and can exert the effect of chilling.

銆€銆€The second is to divide the age, especially the elderly, black tea, Pu’er tea can drink a little more, green tea, oolong tea should drink less, especially oolong tea, because its tea soup is already thicker, pay attention to drink less.

銆€銆€The third is to brew the law, according to the book or tea artist recommended ratio of brewing the best, the elderly can be appropriate to lighter, especially the new tea is more cold, because the tea storage time is too short, polyphenols, alcohol,Aldehyde content.

Therefore, although the new tea is fragrant, it should only be light and should not be enjoyed.

銆€銆€Others like to drink a large cup of strong tea to sober up when they are drunk, which does have a certain effect of sobering, but drinking tea after drinking is also very harmful.

Because drinking alcohol will stimulate the heart, the heart beats faster, the brain is excited, and the strong tea has the same effect. Drinking tea is drunk, and the heart is simply pouring oil on the fire.

銆€銆€After drinking alcohol, the alcohol enters the stomach directly into the bloodstream, then enters the liver and is converted into acetaldehyde, which is then converted into acetic acid, and finally decomposed into carbonic acid and water and injected into the body.

Calcium carbonate and water are normal metabolites, so there is no harm to the kidneys, and drinking tea to sober up skips this step.

The theophylline in tea has the effect of diuresis, which can directly transfer the acetaldehyde in the human body to the outside of the kidney, thereby promoting the effect of rapid hangover.

Acetaldehyde is harmful to the kidneys. Drinking strong tea after drinking often causes kidney dysfunction.

銆€銆€Therefore, it is best to drink some sobering soup, of course, do not drink too much is the fundamental solution.